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FIDA Demands The Realization Of Child Rights Laws In Nigeria


FIDA, the well-known global federation of women lawyers, has invoked the government of Nigeria to deal with massive infrastructural challenges preventing the development of the Nigerian children future.
It happened on May 27, 2017, when the country celebrated Children’s day 2017.
Inime Aguma, the country director of FIDA, called on the Nigerian government to finally adopt both the Violence against Persons Prohibition, VAPP, Act 2015 and the Child Rights Act, issued in 2003. She also declared that on that day everyone must always think of children’s growth, education, welfare, health, development, and all other issues influencing all Nigerian children.
Children’s Day, 2017 is a perfect chance for all Nigerian people to call upon State and Federal government as the top children guardian.

Moreover, FIDA invoked all northern leaders to address plenty of challenges resulting from the Boko Haram rebellion, which has harmfully affected all children in that area.
As Inime Aguma also informed, due to numerous insecurity issues that destroyed the region, plenty of children in the northern part of Nigeria are simply out of school. An enormous amount of them suffers from such hazardous illnesses as HIV, meningitis, malnutrition, cholera, etc. It is a direct result of the absence of health care.
Other reports prove the fact that larger amount of kids experience abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence and numerous daily tortures. Moreover, every year plenty of children become victims of human trafficking.

FIDA has concluded that all parents, adults, and guardians must do their best to guarantee that all children’s rights are sheltered. Additionally, advocacy and awareness on the significance of respecting the children rights must be increased according to the African Charter on the Rights and Child Welfare (1999), and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990).

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