He Uses Condom When Having Sex With Me – Woman Tells Court


“My lord, I must confess that though our marriage is just three years old, it is encumbered with problems, the most challenging one being sex.”
Suliat Abdul, a trader, stated this before Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.
Suliat brought a suit before the court stating that her husband, Jelili Abdul, has succeeded in frustrating her and making the institute called marriage no more appealing to her.
“I am standing before this court today, pleading to be set free from this bondage of mine called marriage.
“When I met my husband, I hid nothing about my past from him. I made him realise from the outset I already had a child and he agreed to accept me the way I was and take care of me.
“I went into marriage with him, but he reneged on his promise.
“Immediately I moved into his house, he ordered me to start using hijab. I was surprised because we never discussed or agreed on such while courting, but I complied with his order, “She stated.
“As time went on he started manifesting his real self.
“He is the most uncaring and unloving person I have ever met.
“He is not bothered if you are happy or sad, well or sick.
“Our marriage is blessed with two kids, but the two times I was pregnant, my husband never for once asked how I felt. I didn’t feed well since he failed to leave feeding allowance. And when it was time to put to bed he would be nowhere to be found. It was our neighbours who rushed me to the hospital on both occasions.
“His mother is not better. When other mothers wait eagerly for the arrival of their grandchildren and dotted over them, my mother in-law stayed away from us. And when she eventually showed up, all she did was to rain curses on me,” Suliat added.
“Anytime I asked my husband for feeding allowance or money for some other things, he would flare up and beat the hell out of me. Anytime he does this, our children cry.
“What I find most unpleasant about our relationship is our sex life. My husband uses condom anytime we have sex. He introduced this practice early in our marriage. I have always complained about it, but he isn’t bothered about my feelings. The only time he didn’t were periods we deliberately had sex to make babies.
“I find the rubber irritating; I also derive no satisfaction in its use.
“I reported him to Alhaji, that is, my uncle and also showed him the used condoms twice as proof. My uncle requested that he came to see him, but he refused.
“I have told my parents I’m walking out of my marriage and I’m not going back on my word, “the plaintiff said
“I’m also ready for divorce,” Jelili told the court.
“She told me when we met she belongs to a spiritual group. She as such sees herself as a super human being and thus misbehaves.
“My wife is a liar and thief. She not only steals my money, she also steals from our neighbours and this has caused me embarrassment over and over again.
“Her past is also questionable. She wasn’t morally upright which led to her having an unwanted pregnancy. I use condom as a protective measure.
“She is yet to learn her lesson; she dresses indecently anytime I’m not around which spurred my decision that she puts on hijab.
“I give her money contrary to what she told the court. Whenever I’m travelling, I will hand over some amount of money to a particular alfa from whom she collects money for her upkeep and that of the children.
“If I dare give her the money, she will spend it on frivolities. Her parents are aware of this because I was initially keeping the money with them.
“I buy foodstuff on a regular basis, but she will never cook. She will go to her parents’ house to eat, “the defendant said.
“I once set up a cellophane business for her, but it folded up. She couldn’t account for a kobo out of the sum I pumped into the business.
“She lied about my mother. She came to felicitate with us the two times she put to bed and even brought her friends along.
“We had a little misunderstanding after which I left for a programme. On returning, I met an empty house. She packed her belongings and moved to her parents place.
“I have made several attempts at ironing out issues with her and also tried to see her parents, but all my efforts proved abortive.
“The next thing I saw was the court summon”, he concluded,
After listening to both parties, the court president, Chief Agbaje Olasunkanmi, adjourned the case till July 11, and ordered that they both come to court with their children and parents.


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