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Hon. Muktari Betara Aliyu: A burden or blessing?


By Abdullahi Kantoma
For the benefit of clarity, Hon. Muktar Aliyu Betara is the member, representing the good people of Biu, Kwaya Kusar, Bayo and Shani at the Federal House of Representatives on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.
He is currently serving for the third term and chaired the committee on defense.
Some weeks back, social media was not only awash with some fictitious reports going round credited to our passive lawmaker, Hon. Betara, that he has been granting some interviews to some unnamed journalists, but the continued incantation that he is the best representative our constituency has produced thus far, calls for concern especially among the ever increasing intellectuals we have. In
In reality, he’s the one with least credentials among all that occupied the position since 1999.
Over the years, our attitude towards governance made us misapply the ideals of democracy. Our people became petty and reduced themselves to cash and carry electorates.
For the privilege of misinformed constituents, lawmakers are members of the legislative arm of government, responsible for making new laws and changing the existing ones.
They govern by proposing bills, debates, passing resolutions, holding votes and enacting laws. Our people mistook all these with the number of cars, tricycles, monies given to them and number of pilgrims sponsored by lawmakers.
Not only that, they also mistake lawmaking to money making. As such, being a lawmaker is seen as someone who represents a clan at the center while the national cake is shared.
It is on record that all the aforementioned legislative responsibilities are a direct opposite of what Hon. Betara represents.
He is not only a serial absentee but a chronic bench warmer whose passiveness has ‘rotten the bench for over ten years and still counting.’
It beats our imagination to see someone sit in a legislative chamber for over a decade without seconding to any motion.
These and much more, amount to grounds for recall and a total misrepresentation of the mandate we bestowed on him.
As small as Buratai village is, we have more than five professors. Celebrating Hon. Betara for granting an infamous interview in ‘English’ will raise a credibility question to our collective sensibility; especially in a cosmopolitan community like ours. Hon. Betara, might have tried within his capacity, but ten years of legislative mum is what we intend to change come 2019.
Hon. Betara might have tried within his capacity, but ten years of legislative silence is what we intend to change come 2019.
In circumstances where the overwhelming majority are living in abject poverty due to the adverse effects of insecurity which has drawn the attention of international communities, giving fridge or spraying money during his annual constituency tour goes to tell how opportunistic our civilian general (As he is fondly called) is. Our voice became muddy; on the floor of the House.
While it is on record that humongous amounts of money have been accrued to his office, his accountability remains obscure. All he does is citing retrospective political precedents which is hampering our desired progress.
Ever since democracy returned in 1999, our outcry has been the same. The Biu to Gombe road which remains a travelers nightmare, and the Biu Dam project which is abundant by every successive admin.
Interestingly, all these projects cut across all the local government under his constituency. Unfortunately, these and lot more cannot be archived with this soporific legislative style of Hon. Betara, together with his half-baked, ill informed catalogue of aides.
Democracy is ever revolving while governance is becoming competitive., we urge Hon. Betara to bury his legislative forbear and accept what his kinsmen are known for. That is competency: anywhere, anytime.
The Concerned Citizens of Southern Borno urge Hon. Betara to bury his legislative style and accept and do what his kinsmen are known for – which is competency: anywhere, anytime.
We also want to use this medium to call on all the people of the constituency with unquestionable character, great intellect and stout-hearted to step forward and snatch the steering of our affairs, as the current driver is confused as to where the passengers want to go.
Finally, we enjoin our teeming youths to be vigilant and have a rethink, as any godfather who cannot help one discover and utilize his/her in-built potentials is not worth dying for.
Youths should stop demeaning themselves by patronising those who will rather share pennies than sow a better seed for the future generation. Those who send their children to best schools while they gleefully encourage you to showcase your political praise singing and thuggery don’t deserve your vote. Hon. Betara
Those who send their children to best schools while they gleefully encourage you to showcase your political praise singing and thuggery don’t deserve your vote. Hon. Betara
2019 should be a sober one. Reflect on the activities of Hon. Betara over the years, are we going to continue with his own way or revert to what is generally acceptable? All these and many more can be determined by our voters’ card.
Barrister Abdullahi Kantoma is the legal adviser and publicity secretary, Concerned Citizens of Southern Borno.
He can be reached on Abdullahihassan304@gmail.com

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