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South Africa’s Zuma May Have Finally Met The Scandal That Brings Him Down


South African President Jacob Zuma has managed to keep his job since 2009 despite constant controversy over his lifestyle as a polygamist, and allegations of money laundering and rape. Now, though, the teflon president may have finally met his match.

The recent leak of more than 100,000 documents and emails suggesting deals made between his administration and an incredibly wealthy family has triggered a no-confidence vote in August, meaning Zuma’s improbable reign, slated to last until 2019, may finally come to a premature end.
The documents, released by non-profit group AmaBhungane, appeared to demonstrate that the rich business family Gupta made deals for government contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. According to the Guardian, there is an investigation into allies of Zuma who are linked to corruption at three state-owned companies, one of which is worth $411 million. Both Zuma and the Gupta family have denied all allegations.
A statement from the African National Congress, of which Zuma is the president, said “the ANC views these allegations in a very serious light as, if left unattended, they call into question the integrity and credibility of the government.”

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