Even in defeat, Usain Bolt, world’s greatest sprinter, bows out in a blaze of glory


As you read this, you are already in the post-Bolt era. The greatest sprinter of all times has bade farewell from the lone-wolf world of sprinting, where he became the most globally recognised sportsman since Muhammad Ali, with a greater reach than a Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.
Justin Gatlin, the enfant terrible of sprint, who was banned twice for doping, finally had his revenge by winning in 9.92 seconds as Bolt was left with only a bronze in his final individual 100m race with 21-year-old Christian Coleman of the USA taking the silver with a time of 9.94 second.

The race

Despite struggling for fitness and form and a three week break to mourn his best friend, Bolt had still been favourite to secure his 20th global gold.
Four-time Olympic champion Michael Johnson said “I thought Bolt would be challenged by Coleman not by Gatlin. Bolt was under pressure. He has never really had a great start. He wasn’t able to close the gap.
“He is grimacing and that is something we have not seen before. You will not find that look in all the archives of Usain Bolt.”
The table


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