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Chat with Mallam Madu Muhammed, Provost of FCE (T) Potiskum

By Hussaini Muhammad Baba, Potiskum
The Honourable Minister of education Mallam Adamu Adamu approved the re-appointment of Mallam Modu Muhammed as the provost of FCE(T) Potiskum for four years with effect from 14th June 2017.
Neptune Prime paid him a visit and had a chat about his new plans for the institution.
Question: Neptune Prime congratulates you on your recent renewal appointment of the provost of the college, can you tell us about yourself?
Provost: My name is Mallam Madu Muhammed, I was born here in Potiskum town, Yobe State. I attended Race course primary school and Government Secondary School Potiskum. I was at advanced teachers college Zaria for my NCE from 1976-1979, I also attended the University of Sokoto and the University of Jos, where I studied BA(English) and MA (Guidance and counseling) respectively. I later joined the University of Nigeria, Nsukka For my PhD program. I started my career as a primary school teacher and later joined Teachers College Geidam. I also worked with Borno College of Basic Studies and Umar Ibrahim ibn Elkanemy college of Education Bama. I joined the services of this college in 1993 and since then I have been a servant to this college.
Question: What style of leadership will you adopt in this new tenure?
Provost: As a management, we intend to operate a participative management style so that everybody will be involved and will have a certain role to play in the management of the college. After all, the college belongs to all of us and all of us belong to the college. Our doors are always open for constructive suggestions and pieces of advice from members. We recently reconstituted the administrative committees and I want to still appeal to all of us to please participate actively in our respective committees.
Question: There were rumors that the management of the college suspended you, what do you have to say about that?
Provost: It was not true, last month the COEASU challenged me about the non payment of the staff allowances which I made it clear to them that the federal government was giving us 6 million Naira each month for the peculiar academic allowance but now they are not paying so I made the issue clear to them, and even before the expiration of my last tenure, the administration provided some funds to the agricultural sector so that the staff of the college will be benefiting and I introduced entrepreneurship centers that will be generating revenue to the college and regarding the suspension, my tenure ended on the 4th June 2017 which I left my deputy to take over before it was renewed.
Question: Sir, we can see that many projects are being executed now on the campus, like the construction of lecture theatre, staff offices, and classrooms etc. We also noticed the finishing of halls and classrooms; what is the secret behind achievements?
Provost: Here, I will like to appreciate the effort of last administration, of which I was part of it. I also commend the effort of the Federal government, Federal Ministry of Education, the Tertiary Education Trust Fund, etc all the projects that we have so far completed within these periods and those that are ongoing are just, by the way, a tip of the iceberg. I assure you with the continued support of all the stakeholders mentioned above, this is just the beginning.
Question: Sir any challenges?
Provost: Yes, we all do know that life in itself is full of challenges but the major issue is to try to address these challenges. At the moment our major challenge is insecurity but we thank God now that we have started to regain peace. Even though we have never allowed the insecurity to deter us, with the support of all the security agencies and the college stakeholders, we have continued to operate and we are making an appreciable progress in terms of both academic and infrastructural development.

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