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IWMF condemns Trump's comments against journalists


The International Women’s Media Foundation has called for an end to all forms of hate and discriminatory speeches and acts against journalists in the world.
The call comes on the heels of Trump’s recent comment where he said journalists are liars.
A statement by the Executive Director of IWMF Elisa Lees Muñoz condemned all forms of hate speeches by politicians and non-politicians alike.
The statement said: “This week, President Trump made more disparaging remarks against journalists, calling them dishonest and sick people. Journalists are people,” the foundation said, “In fact, they take incredible risks to bring us the truth,” it stressed.
IWMF also lamented the increasing rate of attacks on journalists in the US.
“Last week alone, three journalists were attacked in Charlottesville, VA, simply for doing their jobs. Physical and verbal attacks against journalists in the US have been mounting with alarming speed over the past seven months. Every negative comment President Trump makes about the integrity of journalists jeopardizes their safety even more.
“The IWMF has worked for almost three decades to protect women journalists in places where attacks on the press are commonplace. Journalists have integrity, are passionate about the truth, and need our support,” the statement added.
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