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The Sweep with Hassan Hassan-Osinbanjo: The Price of Loyalty


The acting President now returned Vice president is the man to note at the spur of the moment and not PMB. We know it was all politics at play, but because of sincere love for PMB, Allah has ilham(med) – induced the feeling in us about the promise that he will be back, healthy and safe. Even the Thomases are not unmindful of this. The end has justified the means and the VP holds all the kudos to himself.
The antagonists were only dancing to the tunes of their sponsors to earn their pay. Now that we have our leader back, thanks giving must put Professor Yemi Osinbanjo up first, next to God. With the return of his Boss, we now know his true worth as a second Buhari today and a Buhari of his own by Allah’s wish someday.
We are happy and the nation rejoices that the father of the land is back to take charge. Allah has answered the common man’s prayers. And the prayers continue for the President to take full charge and get the evil men we cannot throw out of the nation because they are our own, shaped out, and quick.
For his large heart, patience and tolerance, which many can’t see because of blinded politics or pathological ethnic or regional hatred, PMB will continue to appeal to them to drop their weapons and stay calm to watch the nation progress. He is the quintessential Nigerian embodying all the values we have long dropped, and it is why he will continue to surprise the deniers.
It is an opportunity he will continue to give them, as much as the gates of forgiveness are open and as long as he remains the only president we all have. I was amazed by his level of openness and accommodation. PMB is the best Democratic President we got so far. Those who deny this must open their hearts to the truth. His success in government is not even our love for him. No. It is his focus, silence and tolerance and triumphs over evil men.
The other evil that is in the Nigerian press (please forgive the tag. Trust me I know the bad in many of them) waited all the while to campaign for human rights of individuals against every State supremacy, in case government takes excesses against their evil. It didn’t come. This is another source of anger for the haters and the opposition. I am happy for myself and for the fellow common man, for who the Jagaba stands as President.
The Man to Watch More
I am even happier for the Vice President. We should all have to be. First, he has proven the worth of his professorial seat and his exalt as a pastor and man of God. He is the man to hail, to thank, to congratulate. He is the second citizen next to PMB, a true Vice, worthy of respect and honour from everyone who relies on PMB as a leader and loves him.

osinbajo acting president
Acting President Yemi Osinbajo

First, PYO waved through the evil plots of dirty hearts and minds, enemies of the people, the cruel politicians of the other type, the ambitious, through the temptations. He has overcome the mischief, the disrespect of Abba Kyari and the self-appointed masters in PMB’s absence. He has survived calumny, treasonable felonies meant to bring human rights, constitutional, judicial and political crises so he would give up, surrender, dump and leave. An evil mind can think the worst impossible.
He survived an almost a Coup on one of the occasions he travelled out. He must have resisted a lot of temptation in order to stand firm on the promise of the double ticket and withhold the trust of his Boss, his people and all Nigerians of legitimate births. My happiness is that out of everything we witnessed and not witnessed in the absence of PMB, VPO has carved a place in history for himself and for Nigeria.
Here is VPO’s own country where trust is scarcer than rice even when it wasn’t made a political poison for the masses; a country where man betrays man, where persons master how to live on the exploits of others’ misfortune and call it a blessing from God. It is a country where the basic and the high sense of modesty are lacking everywhere and in everyone – where the guilty and the innocent feel normal.
Lessons from History
For most of our years since August 1985, a gradual process of devaluation and destruction has crippled our morals and eroded the minute part of our values, norms and culture to bring us to this point.
For all the years, most of us feel it is normal when, in a nation perceived to be godly by the number of mosques and churches and their attendance, religiosity has been redefined to man’s wishes and much of Allah’s orders have been replaced by man’s agenda and men’s blind, lustful followership. For the mind of most of our children – pity their lives – the ironies and errors of our society can take you anywhere in the world and to heaven too.
Then out of the horrible horrors of our lives, 2015 elections brought us changes from this sharp deceptive, criminal fake life to something genuine. On Election Day, everyone shouted change except other party affiliates, but on inception and way into the agenda for change, denials, neglect, whips, greed, cruelty and others remained stagnant and fixated in many who voted change. And all along it has been the government and us – the diehards and loyalists on one side and the change resistants on the path of hell. The evil of the latter is deep in their hearts but radiates in many ways.
The Effects of Change and the Heralds of the VP
A lot has changed in both the business of government and in the lifestyles of public officials. A strong sense of discipline, modesty creep into our public lives. Our cities have humbled themselves to the new lives.
A call to farming for domestic production has been answered by the majority stakeholders of the government in trust and loyalty in the sequence of two years and food sufficiency appears ready for the poor but it is suppressed and denied only for a short time. Their hoarding and smuggling will not last.
A new national culture is building where order, respect, discipline and due process take lead in the conduct of public affairs. Thanks to PMB, and now many thanks to YPO, for the show of exemplary and complementary roles in the build of that culture. YPO has just assured us that he is not less, in capacity, skill, honour, sincerity and respect.
The Acting President conferring with the President

He has just told the nation that trust, respect and honour have come to stay in our new national culture. He has chosen the path of honour to go with the majority poor for his interest the new culture is working. I can see a full professor in class, lecturing students of Nigerian New Culture, NNC 101. He teaches by doing, by acting, inacting and by silence.
I love the man’s immense respect for the common man and to the PMB idea of this government. As Acting President he had all he could to do the opposite. But no. He bought the values and principles of the government ab initio when he agreed to run along. But when we read the behaviour of the antagonists, enemies and bad politicians in the NASS, we thought PMB was all alone on his own, in the first task of fighting corruption
Because in the past culture it is normal to disappoint voters and dump campaign promises, PMB’s pursuit of the promise of taking over became the subject of national disharmony. YPO has been trailing behind all the while, silent, taking assignments and delivering.  The part lesson in PMB’s sickness is to bring to the fore, the understanding of another man of goodwill who can be reliable. He has shown this in a number of ways during PMB’s break.
His doggedness, calm and silence in the face of drumbeats of war have reassured us of the availability of a second Baba. His consistency in holding the trust and acting in matured manner, YPO has earned a great place in history. His profile is now rising more than ever.
He took a good advice from the master and adopted PMB’s own dos and dos – “ignore, don’t speak only when necessary, do it, don’t look back, don’t trust them, don’t believe them, be careful of what they tell you, ask for evidence, demand for backing documents, do not give them the liberty to do that or this.”
Because of the two gentlemen, we have come of age; we have passed a stage. We have backed out on the old bad habits for good. We now negotiate for the next, for the future. Our prayer will never be silent until the promise of Allah comes again that the health of the men will be sustained for a long time for the great purpose. And when His wisdom knocks, that future is guaranteed because the successor is younger.
Thanks to our people of honour across the nooks, for keeping the promise, for their loyalty to the nation, and for remaining firm and brave. They are on the great path of taking charge of their own affairs for the best life they haven’t seen in their life. It is here already.
Loyalty to PMB and VPO is the best wisdom today and the best form of patriotism ever. Let us continue to listen to the fathers of the nation and march along to better days. Welcome, Mr President. Congratulations, Mr Vice President.
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