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Video: Woman's behind set on fire in London Jamaican club


A woman stripped herself naked inside a club after her bum was set on fire while she was twerking in front of party-goers.
According to The Sun UK, the incident took place in a Jamaican dance hall.
Footage of the incident has emerged which shows the dancer enjoying herself, twirking to the admiration of viewers, when someone poured alcohol over her behind, and lit a lighter, setting it on fire.
She is then forced to pull her burning shorts off – exposing her bare behind.

The footage was filmed in 2016 but has just come to light after a clip went viral showing a lad from Denmark becoming engulfed in a ball of flames after pals doused him in cinnamon as part of a bizarre tradition.
Footage shows the man being covered in the spice as part of a ritual carried out on anyone who has reached their 25th birthday and is unmarried.
Within a split second the spice ignites and the lad is engulfed in a blazing fireball.
Watch the video

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