Flood wreaks havoc in Potiskum again


By Hussaini Muhammad Baba
Flood has again wreaked havoc in several Potiskum communities in Yobe
Neptune Prime reports that the worst hit areas are; low-cost street along Federal
College of Education (Technical) Potiskum and Ramin Kasa among others.
This natural disaster has become an annual occurrence in most
communities, such that whenever the city witnessEs a heavy downpour,
many people will find it difficult to get into their houses and
business places.
It is common to see vehicles that developed one
problem or another, some of them fall into culverts or break down
inside the flood water.
Mallam Yakubu Muhammad a resident of Ramin Kasa area said the area is
always flooded hence business activities are shutting down, while the people residing in the area and motorists face difficulties whenever it rains.
Alhaji Musa Kalil a resident of low-cost area whose resident was
affected blamed the government, he said it was that
the culverts in the area were too small to contain the water
passing through the gutters and on the streets, hence, resulting to flooding and untold hardship to the people of the area whenever there is a rainfall.
At the time of filing this report, local government officials responsible for the environment were not available to comment on the issue.


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