PDP plans to reject defectors ahead of 2019 elections


As part of measures to give the All Progressives Congress a good fight in 2019, the Peoples Democratic Party is said to be shutting its doors to defectors.
The party said it was focusing on the unity and reintegration of the country to ensure that all the six geopolitical zones are well represented in the upcoming national elections.
Reports say the party may award the slot of vice president to the south-east while the south-west is being targeted for the party national chairman slot
The party has also indicated that aspirants planning to hop from opposition parties to the PDP tent would not be welcomed.
It is common practice among Nigerian politicians to flip flop from party to party in their desperation to clinch party tickets and contest for political offices in elections.
According to reports,  the party has been working on a formula which will re-integrate all parts of the country and create a sense of belonging.


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