The Sweep with Hassan Hassan: PMB’s best systemic justice ever


President Muhammad Buhari’s revolution is taking many forms and tackling many issues head-on. We are counting the results in many ways, in agric and the empowerment of the poor through farming. That is the foundation for change. Even those who hate it are facing it now.
There are then the pillars, the rods and the tightening of the litter. The building is now taking shape, to the finish. But when it stands, what will be the roof of the building of change? Justice? Yes. Sure. It is and it will be the cumulative justice that is neither Hausa, Ibo nor Yoruba. It is Nigeria’s justice.
This is a development model neither borrowed nor imported. It was home grown: conceived, developed and applied locally. It is a working model for the believer of change is possible, not the armchair, idle, pessimist, the myopic and the denier. It is a simple model that is easily conceived and used. And it is yielding amazing results.
PMB’s disinterest and refusal to see the IMF Boss when she visited last time was right. No nation ever made it through the western and modernisation theories. With IMF at the forefront, we wouldn’t have started farming by now, if they agree with us at all on the domestic production model, that is.
It means killing their market and closing our doors against the massive exports of their farming system. PMB has a right to be self-determined and he was here to teach everyone the example and true justice to Nigerians and anyone who wants to borrow. It is the best for Africa, Latin America and Asia all together,
The cohorts, the indigenous collaborators with foreign interests have indirectly argued against farming by condemning the closure of boarders because they are too blinded by enmity to the poor majority to see the reason. Even if you farm the whole of Africa, if imports of foods are free, reluctance will eventually win against the policy of domestic production of what we need to eat.
President Buhari National broadcast
PMB was right. And he is giving us the best form of justice ever. The problems with Nigeria and the use of the problems to attain personal goals against national objectives have largely been attributed to systemic injustice by successive governments. Their solutions lie in collective domestic justice.
Injustice has taken years to run deep in our minds and it is a strong source of riches for the sick mind that does not care if he can get it all to themselves and everyone else lacks. It is a culture of systemic fraud conceived, implemented and practised by all, except the mind that reasons, watches, thinks, stops, sits and lies to guide itself. We have more of such minds in the majority now.
It may not have started in Nigeria, but it has nationalised long ago, more than any other nationalisation of liabilities. It is in fact the mother, reason and source of all the burdens on our shoulders, personal, communal, social or collective. Those who feel the collective pain hold the promise of the new justice at wave.
The multitude of interests benefitting from injustices from groups to individuals had permeated all fabrics of the nation. It is not only interclass conflicts again. It is also intraclass, topbottom, horizontal, vertical, curvy and graphic. It is in the family, neighbourhood, community. It was spiral without actual end until now.
It is relations cheating relations in even the minutest piece of transaction. It is a culture of merciless minds and cruel hearts which does not spare the needy, the poor, even when it is their last and only. It is conspiracy, treachery, deception, parasitic and exploit of yourself, your blood. It is a fault line running through the veins of our blood, a disease, a monster.
PMB knew injustice is a burden against collective bargain for national survival, progress and wealth. It has to get more than lip service. It needs practice, example from the first citizen first and then the rest, the obedient, will follow. It has to be shown by his cabinet members. It in fact needs to be shown by all of us, in obedience to divine order that we must obey leaders that be.
I didn’t realise the campaign against respect to parents and leadership and from my experience in office was actually meant to disobey a possibly just, unique leader. They thought Nigeria will forge to the end of life in the spoils, disorder and cruelty to each other that we overloaded it with, for their convenience, smartness and sharp sharp displacement of the public interest for theirs. This was an almost national religion.
But now we saw the limitations of the weakness of the bad habit. Nothing bad lasts. It will always crash at some point.
On taking over, PMB’s sense and believe of discipline, patience, order and hard work came to characterise the Villa that had been seen as a point of show off by the mighty – where the most important decisions and actions take place only on the lips of the leaders. Remember that the NTA Network News tradition of first 15 minutes for the Villa has been silently removed by the new pave.
This is perhaps because the President has been too busy to be posing to receive visitors and get every action taken only reported on the evening news tonight. He is a doing, showing, exemplary President, not a talking one without action. He has been calm, low and committed to a point that his late night and too early working hours have impacted and formed part of the remote causes for his illness.
It was the ordinary Nigerian that observed that and even called on the President to take time to rest because his health is paramount. It is the classic justice from the just to the just. Justice, hard work, goodness to humanity pays.
The ordinary man understands that PMB actually gave his life for the future of our youth and children and now thinks so much about nation than self because of the tide of time. He is riding the nation against his health and someone has to call to order. It came from the right place. Public sympathy for leaders has been a scarce resource in the past. Now, it is given with all the will, free.
Here it is now, free for someone who does not even expect, complain, explain or notices it. It is on demand for no demand. And that is because the man’s sense of genuine public service has its reward only in heaven, from the bounties of the Supreme Judge and not from the lips of man on earth. The best part of his kind of heart for all has not manifested yet. It is coming.
PMB’s modesty and humility strike his admirers who are too observant to the details of what he eats, wears or uses after taking over. His food has not changed: Tuwo and fura da nono. He had new sets of clothes on assumption but with the same quality of materials he used out of office. And he has not changed his tailor. This alone calls for an award. But award is not the goal.

The Vice President conferring with the President

The culture of lavish waste of public money through reckless state funded lunches and dinners had since seized. If there is anything foreign he is using in the Villa, it is because he does not make purchases or a stronger reason explains it may be. But already I met someone who swore by their God that the Villa is full of foreign items, a claim they cannot substantiate with anything. Pathological hatred knows no bounds. Reason its big bears are caged now in their whims in the face of the dawn. Is anyone learning any more lesson?
For someone of his status to ask to get his office A/C repaired instead of buying a new one only to save public money, PMB has shown the impossible glaring in our life, real, true. I am more grateful to Allah for this exceptional show of impossible discipline, modesty and humility, and I am most honoured.
Yes. The State House has seized to be a centre of attraction for the big, and visitors status symbol because of lack of free money and lavish food. It is no longer a meeting point for conspiracy, evil planning or robbery of poor Nigerians of their water, health, roads and power resources. There are no reckless awards of fake contracts any more, where you collect the money, disappear and never remember what project it was actually.
But PMB’s great justice is in his large-heartedness to overlook the state of such contracts and decided to pay every claim for them, genuine or not. A committee to investigate and ascertain the location and state of contracts can be easily out in place to do a good job.
But cynics will rather complain that monies are collected back from thieves, not minding the many cases when the thieves themselves returned or reported such stolen wealth. The other justice is the fact that no one else will ever dream of such. The knots have been tightened, all loopholes cemented and stray cash point seized to flow again. This all happened without any word exchange with anyone.
It is a matter of justice that many habits, many misconducts of government activity or procedure have stopped by the mere fact that a just man is in place. No force. No noise. No argument. Silently, the troops are falling into their platoons. Charisma, love, influence of the just are making good things happen for the poor without any cost on the State.
Government business has changed for good, for honour and respect for me and you. No one from the neighbours in Africa will again find reason to look down on us. It is our turn at national glory and respect in the mid of many who will now copy from us. Personal honour derives from national glory and the latter enforces the former.
It is PMB’s great justice when budgets considered more projects in the west and east of the south. For whatever reason, I understand. The roads there are worst in state, and if PMB will give us roads there to save lives of people whose elders and governors have diverted money for roads, power, water and other projects it is a thing of pride that only PMB will now make it there, here and everywhere. It is a thing of joy and pride for me.
When justice prevails, there will be no business of cry for mischief marginalisation. When justice prevails, no one will remember who the President is or who will want to be the next. When justice prevails, no one fears anything about the future and there will be no mad rush to fix life and to make it against anyone.
Genuine intention is stronger than the whim or evil mind of a poisoned people. When the Senate and the House were fuming over the appropriation of funds to projects, I knew they were trying to tamper with the good projects started there do not complete, not on time or even never, so the man would not be a hero for people of the south. The Lagos- Calabar rail truck easily comes to mind. But after the exposure of their antics, the rails will now surely happen and on time.
Erdogan with Buhari

But the good of the man is in many other things. Is it in the cleaning of the Niger Delta wastes or the attention given to the messy Lagos/Ibadan express way? Is it the PMB’s personal visit to the Southeast after assumption when he met this old man who was told by his political idols that Buhari will never step on Iboland because he hates them so much? Is it the many other debunks of mischief?
It happened that the same Ibo man was there during that visit when PMB came pass him and jumped a gutter to see another side of a damaged road seeking attention. The man ran after him and told the story. PMB laughed, hugged and thanked the man for it. The mind of the man changed forever. There many things happening against old fashion theories, norms, accounts and swears by the enemies of the public and the poor.
It is those politicians born of moral bastards all over the countries who would bear the burden of the weight of their calumny. In a better society, they should by now, bury their heads in the shame of their whims. But alas, they are still struggling for the impossible to happen to their success. The idea of one of their masters that Allah Does not answer the prayers of the poor has been debunked since election but they cannot see because they are blind.
It is justice of the PMB type that states got bailout and assistant for many lies, false claims and criminal misrepresentation. They also got Paris club refunds to the tunes of billions. But in their due to their evil minds of injustice, many governors, including Bayelsa’s – the riches in grants – are still on the list of salary indebtors. Their consciences are full of crises and after their tenure those money must be accounted for, thank God, as a condition for a second term or a free walk away after two terms.
Thank Allah that Mrs Aisha Buhari’s many foreign trips are sponsored by NGOs and foreign invites. No budget. No cries over it. And the office of the first lady has been sponsoring many programmes and foreign trips of other Nigerians with likeminds to work hard to help our people in need. Thanks to good initiatives.
Money discovered, returned, handed over or acquired by the nonoil sectors’ revenue drives is piling up in the foreign reserve. The billions are counting in dollars. It is a key indicator, condition for investors to commit to invest in Nigeria. Those praying for divine intervention – the systemic killing of our leaders in the name of Allah – will wait for life to find anything in their dreams. Instead, we are inching to safety and assurances of guarding public assets every minute.
There too many to talk about justice under PMB. What is more important is the fact that change has taken effect and justice is prevailing every day. It is justice time. It is payback time. It is time to give back to the nation from which we have taken so much to a point of bankruptcy. We had sucked everything out f its soul. Now, PMB is spearheading the national campaign of pay thy country back in return.
Give your idea, time, energy on the farm or at work. And when you give, be like the great leader ever: Do not talk. Do not ask for anything back. And do not complain.
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