A tribute to an erudite scholar 'Prof. Tijani Elmiskin'


By Hijr Miskeena Tijjani El-Miskeen
It is now exactly two years quite a memory unforgettable day, we were having fun at home waiting for the sallah meats to get prepared, that Thursday really filled our eyes with tears and our heart full of grief, the whole sallah becomes agonised following the demise of our father “Prof Tijani Elmiskin”.
He died in the hajj tragedy as a result of the stampede occurred at jamrat minna. This tragedy becomes inauspicious for us but for him he is supremely favoured by his lord, I never thought I was brave enough to withstand the news of his death to this time.
But the good thing is to be resurrected wearing your ihram, reciting the words of praise to lord.
His defination was exact simplicity and generosity to everyone no matter how impotent or pathetic you are, He is a peace promoter, a serious Islamic advocate with continued determination to percevere until his last breath.
His lifestyle has owed him a highest respect around the globe, I recall with pride from day one to date we have received a numerous series of commemoration from friends, family, colleagues and devotees from different parts of the world , some send delegates and some manage to come despite their tight schedules, we receive condolences from almost all the continents.
I would like to use this medium to thank all his friends,family and protagonists for standing with his family in this distressing moment, we really appreciate all your efforts, as I can see all your tributes, physical and spiritual supports.
I would like to derive a compliment by his profoundly admired friend ‘Prof Munzali Jibril’; “Professor el-Miskin’s exploration of delicate nuances in Arabic literature in respect of authorial disavowal, reverse analogy, courtly tradition and other critical themes got wide acceptance across several journals in various countries and appeared in highly prestigious publications,” Professor Jibril said. “[H]is twenty-five years of service in the university system, his widely recognised community service, his national and global academic reach and contribution to learning, his inspiring personal qualities as a teacher all go a long way to reinforce his status as one of the leading scholars of Nigeria.”
Dear Father “Prof Tijani Elmiskin ” we loved you but Allah loves you more , you died as a matyr performing one of the most righteous deeds in Islam in one of the most sacred lands. In our hearts your memory would never fade , many silent tears are shed while others are asleep, we’ll miss you forever. –



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