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Credible Leadership: M.A Abubakar setting the pace in Bauchi State


By Garba Aliyu Maigamo
It is often said that a leader without legacies to the society he leads is a failure by any standard. This forms part of why the Governor of Bauchi state, Muhammed A. Abubakar, who catapulted to leadership by providence, is setting the pace in service delivery and unity.
Most leaders preoccupy themselves with trivial issues, forgetting to make the hay when the sun shines and end-up, getting confused without focus in governance until the wee hour of need, election period to trade parochial, juvenile lies and deceit.
The ultimate ambition of some politicians is to be governors, leaders and not for the expected service. Such characters preside over the worst administrations in desperation to perfect themselves in power for illegal wealth accumulation, and hate to be challenged.
In such situation the governed are worst for it when services suffer neglect. History shows that wrong choice of leaders, are factors responsible for lack of continuity, of good governance with debilitating inconsistencies that retard progress.
One of the tasks genuine leaders accomplish is unquantifiable service to humanity across any imaginary divide as well as interacting with others that share their ideals, vision and tenacity of purpose with respect, loyalty and commitment to the welfare of the people.
Those they interact with should be people with proven integrity with the courage to deliver positively, minding the public interest including hate speeches, state-organized protests and envy for ridicule.
In Bauchi state like in other places, there are those claiming loyalty to the ruling party, APC and subscribers to the ideals of the, change mantra but the opposite is the case if carefully assessed.
Some are, afraid of the rising political influence of others and so desperate and inpatient to ridicule those they fear and envy. They operate under the guise of politicking while recruiting miscreants and political merchants to dent the reputation of others as others are running from coast to coast recruiting all manner of people to repackage them for acceptability having missed the steps to good governance.
In the two years of his administration, apart from acquitting himself in service delivery, M.A Abubakar is painstakingly grooming several credible politicians on his peculiar leadership ostensibly for continuity of profitable service to humanity.
In 2010, he made his first bold attempt to the Senate on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) not minding the circumstance. He tried to carry the electorate of his constituency to enjoy his service which was scuttled but he remained committed to his ideals of democracy.
Contrary to blackmail and mischief, M.A Abubakar remains a senior stakeholder in the APC project to reposition Bauchi State in the main stream national politics for greater developmental strides. After his victory at the party’s primary election, generality of the electorates including majority of members of the PDP were sympathetic to his cause showing the magnitude of his followership in his state. Record shows no single member of APC today in Bauchi state that never voted for the victory of M.A Abubakar at the 2015 elections. Most of those now parading themselves as party chieftains etc are beneficiaries of his largesse at the time of need, with some now trying to bite those fingers that fed them for unsubstantiated reason.
The overwhelming support he enjoys from the people across party divide shows his place in history as a political titan sacrificing his life to midwife the state to greatness and total emancipation with security to lives and property.
Having acquitted himself and set the pace in the state, he deserves support while relegating miscreants and political turncoats to the dustbin of history as he forges ahead to greater days.
His antagonists and their myopic thinking mustered courage to challenge his possible re-election bid in 2019 through unpleasant campaigns. He should not be fast in forgetting that he was a victim of internal hypocrisy and conspiracy and the ongoing challenges to scuttle his efforts to develop the state and Nigeria.
He needs to understand the body language of his home party members claiming loyalty to his ideals. Those who are abusing his trust deserve no further trust to avoid political crisis which may affect the system. Let the circumstances leading to the various hate speeches countered be reconciled to shame mischief makers whose mission is to puncture the balloon of unity and progress.
So far, M.A Abubakar remains a credible leader voiding to fall prey to political mudslinging. Let him take a look at the antics of those opponents as a clue to this alert based on an in-depth knowledge of their body language and mischievous plans. Bauchi state in unison is proud to have M.A Abubakar as an illustrious son representing credible leadership, good governance and the ideals of President Muhammadu Buhari. He stood by Buhari at the trying period while his detractors were on the other side of the divide.
The credible blue-blooded politician is striving to improve the welfare of all. He is defeating agents of ethno-tribal jingoism and carrying everyone to the safe coast. In history, no politician of Bauchi state extraction has cared for the welfare of the people close to what M.A Abubakar is striving to achieve. To set example, he sponsored several free medical care to the needy, secured employment to the needy, facilitated admission to tertiary institutions, provided economic empowerment, infrastructure provision etc. What else? Who can challenge the giant strides of this illustrious son of Bauchi state? Who else can lay claim to half of what M.A Abubakar has achieved in Bauchi state? Undoubtedly, he remains the political leader of Bauchi state.
His titanic successes as a representative is noted with thunderous applause of spontaneous touching gesture by a vast majority of his people. This outstanding politician has drilled himself as an exceptional achiever, who foreshadows his future usefulness, politically respected and socially too relevant. His dedicated commitments to the etiquettes of good governance, his radical approach to the yearnings of the people, his passionate desire to improving the welfare of the people, his absolute fulfillment in all spheres of his leadership, has projected him to the social status of high respectability and the rank of impeccable dignity in naked truth.
In her words, Dr. Halima Mukaddas, a consultant-gynaecologist who was at the flag-off of one of M.A Abubakar’s free eye- care programme in Bauchi said, “Honorable M.A’s iron determination to uphold justice with unbending and unyielding resolve, as well as his undoubted fidelity and undivided devotion to the cause of service to humanity, is the greatest booster against untoward attitudes of our time”. In recognition of his unquantifiable service to humanity, an Abuja based weekly international magazine managed by frontline journalists, Verbatim Magazine, plans honoring him with an international Award as the Best Performing Governor in Rural Development of the Year 2017.
Maigamo is the Dattuwa Mangan Wunti

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