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London's Grenfell tower death toll may be lower than earlier announced


The number of people who died in the Grenfell Tower fire may be a little lower than the previous estimate of 80, police have said.
Scotland Yard, in a briefing, said it may consider individual as well as corporate manslaughter charges.
It is also investigating eight cases in which people may have fraudulently claimed money following the disaster.
The police have seized 31 million documents and identified 336 companies of interest in its investigation.
Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy said some 60 of the estimated 80 people killed have been formally identified, but the figure “may come down a little bit” due to the recoveries made from the tower, the number of identifications made and video evidence from the night.
He said the progress made in terms of recovering remains was “much higher” than he had expected three months ago.
In the initial weeks following the fire, police were unwilling to speculate on the final death toll, leaving families, friends and residents frustrated and some convinced the eventual figure would be much higher than officially confirmed.
The Grenfell tower fire incident was one of the worst in UK’s history.

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