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Buhari's discussion with World Bank boss not unusual but he should listen to criticisms-Ezekwesili


Nigeria’s former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili says President Buhari’s request to the World Bank to focus development aid on the North east part of Nigeria is not unusual.
Her comment comes as criticisms trailed reports of UN Chief’s remarks that the President had asked him to focus development aid to northern Nigeria.
Criticisms on the President’s selective governance trailed the report across the country and abroad.
In a series of tweets using her Twitter handle, Ezekwesili said the priority given to North East in Buhari’s discussion with the world bank boss was necessary as the region is a post-conflict area.
“The prioritizing given to North East in discussion between @JimYongKim & @MBuhari is thus NOT UNUSUAL AT ALL. Let’s NOT POLITICIZE IT please.
“It, however, DOES NOT MEAN that the REST OF SUCH COUNTRY becomes NEGLECTED in the Knowledge & Lending Programs of the Bank. NOT AT ALL. At time they met in 2015, serious work and discussions already took place among Development Partners on HOW BEST TO HELP STABILIZE North East,” she said.
“The FACT of that statement by the @WorldBank President @JimYongKim is NOT AS IT SOUNDS. I will explain. I want EVERYONE to KNOW that the statement made by the @WorldBank President @JimYongKim IS NOT AS IT SOUNDS. I should KNOW. I was VP there.
“As a practice, POST- conflict zones -e.g. Northern Uganda, Northern CAR, Eastern DRC receive Special Focus from WorldBank. It MAKES SENSE!”
She said when she became the Vice President of World Bank, the strategy was to prioritise quick intervention to post-conflict areas which the North-East falls into.
“Our Africa Strategy when I became VP of @WorldBank 48 countries including Nigeria PRIORITIZED QUICK RECONSTRUCTION of PostConflict areas.
“The Evidence-Based justification for PRIORITIZING Post-Conflict Reconstruction is that it helps BUILD RESILIENCE & Prevents a RELAPSE. Prioritizing Reconstruction of the Post-Conflict zone in ANY of those countries FACTUALLY PROVED to be KEY for REST OF COUNTRY GROWTH&STABILITY!”
Ezekwesili said Buhari’s conversation with Yong Kim was turned into an issue of controversy due to the existing tension in Nigeria and called on President Buhari to appreciate feedback and conduct a review of his administration.
“FEEDBACK is IMPORTANT for IMPROVING GOVERNANCE especially in a country as DIVERSE as ours. President @MBuhari can make this moment COUNT. Our President, @MBuhari &his FG @NGRPresident @AsoRock @ProfOsinbajo seize on moment to CONDUCT a DIVERSITY REVIEW of their Administration,” she said.

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