The Sweep with Hassan Hassan: Jigawa: Hope for the North


The Sweep
The people of Jigawa state are lucky because they are wealthy. Six days in Dutse, the State capital, and Birnin Kudu LGA, I have carried the impression that the State is a good example of the good every northern state – or their government – should be doing at this age. Fortunately for the upcoming generation, the State’s fortunes are springing.
Unfortunately for most states up the Niger, their governments are actually either adamant or ignorant of the needs of the people. They are silent, doing nothing and unperturbed by any sign of warning that it may not – it will not – be business as usual. Governors have been the problems and still the problems in the country. They are the main problem that we cannot easily fix.
I need those clamouring for more autonomy to the states to think. How much of money did the states receive in the bailout, or the PC refund and monthly grant? They vary. But how much of pension arrears and wages do the states owe their workforce? What percentage of what they received is the amount they owe workers? Is it the structure or the value – the way and manner of thinking and acting right for the benefit of the people, humanity?
There are no more auspices of the recession to hide under. The recession is declared over and – sadly for you – it is, and for good. It will never come again. Not with the track of consolidating the implants of the change we have found. And even if you keep using hatred for the one man you abhor for your selfish, corrupt reasons, the funds for the people will always get back to them in returns from the fortunes of the selfless FGN which is putting the people first by the long-term entrenchment of fundamental development.
Thank God that we are waking every day to good news that the country is becoming a nation. Everywhere you go to in some states you will find the confluence of common interest in genuine structural development for human development. I was amazed by the way Jigawa works.
I am using just one element of the state system – only one of the many MDAs. Health only. Immunisation only. Vaccination only. Against measles only. Please read the narrowing to a specific that points to a direction of service delivery I never imagined with our theory about the state of the states and the bad governance of some governors.
The state immunisation officer and his team have demonstrated a great deal of accountability I never expected in the state civil service. At a meeting with the 27 local immunisation officers, the gentleman projected the entire budget and the allocation for each LGA. It ought to be something we should not talk about, in the ordinary sense.
But it is beyond the ordinary now, especially when the wailers and haters would carpet such noble acts and turn away from any mention of it. I am writing because this story will be part of the telling of the Buhari and some governors’ revolution of development.
Badaru is just an ordinary man, ushered in by the wind of change, you may say. But he has proven to have earned his Arabic name – Badaruz Zamaan – the moonlight of the time, of his own time, our own time. I have never met him. I may never meet him. So it is good and free to talk about a man who is worth a talk in this manner. Any governor that is envious should go to look for a good name.
People – ordinary people – are not good, fair, just judges. Not in a political era. It is sad that our people are still blind to what should be done for their near good or the good of their children, so I do not rely on the people’s judgment. So far their judgment does not – will not – because the critics are dispelled by the facts on the ground. So let the callous bias and sentiment for the world continue. We will see where they will land.
I find my own, from purposive observation and careful notes. A big signboard sums a major policy that tickles from the above – a confluence of federal and state agenda calling for the same habit. “Be smart farming is business”, it reads.
It sums up the state governments’ agreement with the FGN and pursues the same goals of their party. There are those who share the party but at par with the policy because they are cruel, anti-human, bloodsuckers.
The farming revolution is one of the many things happening all over the working states for the good of the near future, whether or not those working hard for it will be there or not. They know that in working to secure the needs and future of others, they are building their own future somewhere they will be in the future.
I may not know much about the man but his agreement with PMB is just gratifying, especially when you think of the sitdowns. More than that, he was said to have been using public aircrafts to travel in respect to the people’s money and in seeking respect for himself. Those chattering planes on every trip, official and personal, are definitely pricked or one day will be pricked of their waste of what belongs to the next generation.
I don’t have to say much more. But I know that Jigawa has been fortunate for long. Irrespective of party affiliation, the State has enjoyed the goodwill of honourable leaders from the venerable SL to this man. Good governance is blind to any form of bias. It rides on the novelty of a man’s good heart and mind.
We will note, commend and praise whoever does well for the people, no matter the divide they come from and will continue to deject and condemn anyone who flouts good governance and ridicule themselves. We know that this society will soon frown in every way at any person of dishonour. They will soon find no place even in the majlisses around their houses. They will hide away from the public social sanction of the people in cast out of the evil. Soon. Trust me.
Well, many in Jigawa may not agree with this. It does not matter. We do not have to agree with all on one thing, one man. But the truth will unfold the reasons for the need to agree. In the meantime, I want wailers to think about the possibilities and find reasons for what they say. For when pieces of evidence against their evil plots rise high, they will be as useless as a dead dog.
I want the people of Jigawa to appreciate what they have in a governor, in a state immunization officer and in the reasonable people who put trust, hope and fair judgment in their government and do just anything the State calls for. It is a divine order they uphold in seeking the pleasure of He Who Drives all good men to do justice on earth.
Immunise your child to reduce the load on health management and do self help work to reduce over reliance on government. This is the hardest sacrifice anyone will give the hard work for the future – the future of men, kids, and women.
Congratulations to the new hope for the north.

The sweep
Hassan A Hassan

Hassan Alhaji Hassan can be contacted on 08032829772/08050551220 (text only with full names and address)


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