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The Sweep with Hassan A Hassan: Jerusalem: Trump’s Divorce of the First Wife


The Middle East Peace Process has been a cliché in the news for all of my life, and almost every bulletin in international broadcast news, for radio in particular, the phrase laces the headlines. All my life. I was born 1972. 45 years now. My graph has curved downwards since. But that was 28 years, already, since Israel was born a nation, against the wish of God, in 1948.
My quarrel is neither with Israel out-aging me nor that Israel was born against the wish of God, even when I hold serious any deliberate tempting of the Almighty. It is not my concern. It is the concern of architects of the system that brought it. And because it was a system, God will not hold anyone accountable, because there is no particular one to hold accountable. Or so they believe.
It was a collective decision and God will not hold one person for a matter that was collectively decided. This one, ask the majority Muslims of Northern Nigeria. They know and can explain it better. One of the ways they justify corruption was that it is systemic, holistic, and it is not they that started it. So Allah will not hold a particular person for a failure of the system. They are smart.
But on the creation of Israel as a state, ask the orthodox Jews. They know better than I do, than anyone in the world. But in seeking them, do not look for them in Jerusalem or anywhere in Israel. They are not there. They are scattered all over the world as a curse and coming together as a nation was against the wish of God, they say. May be because of what they said/did to God with Musa (AS). Readers of the Qur’an and the Old Testament, who understand them, know this.
Left to them, there will be no peace process, no intifada, no fights, no killings and deaths to the toll we count in millions since the debacle started.  And in denying Israeli nation-state, the orthodox Jews are more Godly, to me, than the Jews of Israel and most of the Muslims of Northern Nigeria, whose depth of ignorance or denial of virtually any serious issue in international political economy, relations and the attitude of the leadership they provided Nigeria for many years, has helped the State of Israel in many ways – including its culmination to date. Yet, both claim the best of piety in every divine matter.
So what was there before 1948? Oh sorry, what was not there before 1948? Foremost, Israel was not there, except in concept, maybe. No nation, no capital. The phase, ‘peace process’ was not there. The crises, the torture, the fights, the wars, the bombings and killings of the innocent, private citizen, Jew or Arab, were not there. And trust me (someone help count the man’s birthdate), Trump was not there. Not in his current form and state, at least.
The courtship
Back to the question. But what was there then? There was the painful truth of Palestine and there was Palestines. There was Jerusalem, not east nor west. Only one Jerusalem. And there was the Aqsa Mosque – Islam’s third most important Haram. Yes, Palestine was there as a people, a nation. There were Arabs and Jews as private citizens in there and in all the neighbouring Arab countries.
They co-lived in peace in the spirit of humanity, in mutual, expressed respect, at least. They were like brothers and sisters, except for deep racism that characterised marriages and serious relationships, perhaps because of the saga of Musa’s (AS) experience with the children of Israel and Allah’s decree on them thereafter. The Arabs – literate or illiterate – take the Qur’an, beyond the words and lived it. Many still do.
But for most of the rest of the world, religiosity was expressed more than upheld as guiding principles of life. In my part of the world, there is a deliberate ignorance about God, His Will and the knowledge of same among followers, an equal to the deliberate action in the creation of Israel against all odds, and with stark, impossible ignorance and denial of all the calamities that followed since.
With the world wars and the heinous crimes the Nazis dealt the Jews under Hitler, the need for an international system was born, to regulate the affairs and to make sure that no any other hitler could dare stand up to do anything near that. Do not ask me if it actually helped? I don’t know. What I know is that there were, after the May1945 establishment of the UN, more millions of deaths than the two world wars had claimed altogether.
Why? How could a solution to wars and a path to peace lead to more deaths than war time? In fact, there worst wars but we failed to call them Third or Fourth World Wars. Sorry, we did not fail. We did not want to remember the atrocities of the past. The past reminds us of only the holocaust – the saddest inhuman treatment of humans by humans – a terrible experience.
It was gory for every eye, and no decent person would think any iota of good about it. In fact it was not a Jewish tragedy. True. It was the tragedy of the world. Trust me. See where it has landed the Palestines – and all of us. But we would have forgotten it long if not for the UN system, which reminds us of the Holocaust and how to live in perpetual fear.
Marrying the first wife
So the UN system was set up on the terms of the US, after the Russians refused cooperation and Harry Truman got tired of ‘babying’ them. With that came the consummation of the marriage between the USA and Palestine. It was the first marriage of the full grown man, now with pronounced authority to police this wife and all other women of the world.
And so Palestine was the first wife, who did not know – and neither were the rest of the women – that a second marriage which was in concept was due I just under three years. So soon? Why? What happened to the first wife? The man was full of himself and power-drunk. He needed to brandish power to see how well his wield is enough to exercise it between two wives who must look up to him for everything, and who must go by his wish and dictates on all matters relating to the house.
Second marriages have a way of turning sour, evil, terrible, even. Except the few lucky ones. This one was just that. Those who master the art of adding wives know that the first strategy is to put the second wife in a different house. If you cannot afford it, you must not marry. This second wife was married from different parts of the world. Its first house was Europe. They rejected the idea because the Europeans fear neighbourliness with the Jews.
After several attempts at other places, the final idea was final. The house of the new, second wife is the beginning where their status was first conferred by God. And the very place is where it is today. It was not just sharing a house with the first wife. The love to the first wife blinded the man to let her take more of the land on the side of the first wife and add to hers.
That was the implant of acrimony and hatred, by orchestrated, deliberate, calculated decision. The case of any resentment from the first wife, her neighbours and all other women – concerned, indifferent and adamant – should go to hell. That was where it all went wrong. The second wife can co-live and it did all the years, but at what expense.
At the dehoming of the wife and her people, at the risk of their land forfeiture, at the expense of their food, prosperity and safety and descent them into refuge centres around the Arab world and the world over, for life.even in the Arab countries, Palestines are subjected to a lot of living humiliation. They looked down at as people cursed by God.
In Lebanon, for example, Palestines are treated worse than second class status of citizenship. They can’t access descent jobs, homes or business. The story was told of a teenager who must work in a garage and paid a few dollars to feed his old mother. That is in Lebanon. What is more about them in other parts of the world?
Why did the Europeans refuse to house the Jewish nation back then? Because they know them from history and from divine facts. And why did God curse them at first? Because they have denied all the favours He gave them, the bounties, mercies and privileges of the world. They are arrogant and wayward with all of that. They refused to humble themselves to the Almighty who favoured them among mankind.
And God is God. Nothing passes in His decree that is withdrawn. They were truly favoured by him. And however they behaved or whatever they do with the favours, it will take them to the end-time, until when the promise of God will prevail and they will account for their deeds. And the world waits. We all wait for the time.
Meanwhile, we continue to suffer in their hands that hold the world. The world changed for worse since the nation of Israel prevailed over the world. The seeds of discord, enmity, hatred, denial, kufr, hypocrisy, treachery, abuse, cheat, deceit, and everything were sown that year. Truth was relative but it became more relative with Israel. Justice, freedom, liberty, fairness, and courtesy became scarce attributes of human societies, too expensive for the poor, but at the doors of the highest bidder in the land.
Indecency, nudity, shamelessness, hypocrisy became the fashion of the most revered nations and peoples of the world. They expensive social vices for which, Muslims, Jews and Christians compete for their mastery. They are the brandish of the most educated, most cosmopolitan and the wealthiest. Wine, women and money became the currency by which we compete for those vices, and in most cases, in the name of the God that prohibited them all for all humans, with every prophet sent to a set over time.
The vices and the social fashions of hypocrisy, deceit, cheat, disappointment, corruption of the state and plunder of state resources for the benefit of the few and to the detriment of the majority, pleasurable impoverishment of the people and looking down on the poor with disdain, insult and hatred all became forms of popular culture, embedded in music, movies, sports, cinemas, fast-food, blue jeans and white T-shirt.
As a result, those who should unite to take immediate and remote actions in unity, trust and loyalty could not because of hypocrisy, divide and rule syndrome worked against their efforts. It is why the Arabs, Islamic nations and European countries could not do anything in history to correct the excesses of the second wife and the way her husband allows her to reach every nook of its wish, desire and cheat.
I have a video of a female Sudanese member of parliament in session: “We should boycott all things American/ Israeli. We should cut all diplomatic and other ties. We should…. we should….” there may be similar ranting on different platforms in different nations, places. But all to no avail. They have been like that all through. The worst can happen and nothing can happen against.
Divorce of the first wife
So trump has divorce the second wife, and the second wife? See what it brought to the world. Trump’s children of the first wife become orphans in their father’s house and can hardly live in peace now. They owned the house, but now they are turned strangers in their fathers own house.
The declaration was bold, strong, brief, and for the weeks since it was made, the Arab world has been at sleep. And it is still at sleep. Palestines. Only Allah is for them. And with him it takes to His appointed time. There is nothing we can do now. We have to wait.
And the rest of the world is idling in corruption and waywardness, pursuing lives that dumped their hearts and made them too heavy to speak, too heavy to stand and too heavy to walk up the isle to face Trump and Netanyahu over this huge claim. I can’t see it. Not now. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow? Who knows?

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