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2019 and Yobe: Who takes over from Governor Gaidam? (5) by Hassan Gimba



Alhaji Ibrahim Talba

Alhaji Ibrahim Talba, Ciroman Tikau

Since our third analysis, the alignments and realignments we predicted have started unfolding with Malam Ibrahim Talba, the Ciroma of Tikau, setting the pace by resigning his membership of the PDP on the 3rd of December 2017.
Some of his reasons for resigning, as captured in a widely circulated speech he read to his supporters were, as he said:

  1. “…I started my partisan political journey some five years ago. What propelled me then, as you are all aware, was the desire to change the face and practice of Yobe politics, which has been bereft of values, and commitment to the universally cherished principles of public service and issue- driven policy objectives.
  2. However, the political platform upon which I wanted us to achieve these objectives did not give us a fair deal as is required in a democracy. But, as democrats, we have remained focused and refused to be intimidated or harangued into submission. We have remained committed in our belief in justice and in the judicial process. That was the reason we fought our way all through the judicial ladders during our struggle for the Yobe State gubernatorial ticket in 2015.
  3. In the course of our quest for justice our party the PDP itself got enmeshed into its own contradictions and for upwards of two years, it has had to contend with one litigation after the other thereby getting it factionalized down the line. Today, despite the seeming judicial victory of one faction over the other, the PDP is again in the throes of another emerging crises as it prepares for its national convention a few days from now.
  4. In Yobe, the PDP has no leadership, its hitherto massive support base, which we wanted to galvanize into a strong opposition with the aim of taking over power has largely been whittled down, if not completely eroded. My personal assessment of the PDP situation in Yobe tells me the Party cannot be a veritable platform upon which we can actualize our dream”.

He is yet to join any party but the indications and body language point towards the APC.
If the gubernatorial ticket will come to Yobe South (Zone B), then he may be a strong contender, otherwise he may be eyeing the Senatorial seat of that zone.

Alhaji Mohammed Hassan

Senator Mohammed Hassan

His political life was very promising but it seems he has frittered away his political goodwill. His election was one that virtually united the people of his senatorial zone, irrespective of tribal and religious differences, making him defeat an incumbent APC senator despite hurricane Buhari’s SAK!
Now fighting the mainstream PDP that brought him to the senate and a pariah in the state dominant APC, he may not have any political platform to re-contest.
Even with a platform, Senator Mohammed Hassan (alias Dambu), a brilliant senator and a worthy representative, may not win an election again in the near future having burnt a lot of the bridges he used to become a member of the Red Chambers.
Hailed as magajin Mamman (late Mamman Ali’s successor), he has failed to learn a vital lesson from Mamman Ali, a shrewd politician, who curtsied to his party’s leaders till the last minute when they realized he had been taking them for a ride having schemed them out.

Alhaji Sabo Garba

Hon. Sabo Garbu

Though he is being touted by some people, Sabo Garba (Garbu) is a streetwise politician who knows his limits.
Having done some plausible projects in his federal constituency and riding on the crest of popularity, his sights may not be set beyond having an encore.

Dr Yerima Lawan Ngama

Dr Lawan Ngama

Another promising, brilliant politician but who lacked the temperament of a disciplined follower/disciple. His impatience to take over leadership rather than understudy situations and await his time has pushed him to the political fringes and possibly is left with a political trajectory scuttled.
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