The Sweep With Hassan Alhaji Hassan: Cliché Letter and the Bitter Truth


So what again about an open letter, especially when it is not the first and only, from the same recurring decimal? At first, I thought the subject for today may have been overexplored, and there would be nothing more to say. I didn’t know that it still opens up renewed areas for national review.
The letter was signed, sealed and delivered. And it served the message’s goal, I do not know for the purpose. It succeeded in raising the dust and creating the alternative idea in the chain of propaganda saga of ‘is he the only one’, the goal of which has been attempted a number of times in different ways.
The means of the letter is the latest in the chains of that saga. As a renewed means, it was expected to draw the difference of purpose and to attract the unprecedented, say, getting a direct, verbal comment from the target himself.
Unfortunate. It has failed like those means before it, and the flat of its fall in the hallowed hall of political shame game of those who have chosen the way of badness to God, to man and country. Most unfortunate. The gullible, highly gullible readers and celebrants, there was nothing new about it. There was nothing new about everything about the letter and what it surrounds.
Cliché is the letter or everything about it. All three – the writer, the written and the message are all cries that torn our ears. There is nothing worst a cliché than the writer himself. He has written many letters before, in the same manner, tone and with a similar message.
I really don’t understand why OBJ’s goodwill is still unsquandered all these times and years. What does he want to become or do again, for himself, for the country or for God? Forget the people. We now rule it out of his records. Or he did it himself. Thanks to the letter.
And the ‘people’ who have been lifetime political bastards and subject of abuse are now the difference between OBJ, the elite and the unfortunate elite tadpoles – members of my own generation who have just been exposed to the taste of a corrupt life and would die to give that life away.
I have friends, brothers and colleagues who are aspiring elites. They do not know however that the culture they are nursing or being nursed to is the exclusive right of ‘others’ – the kids of their master elites – and at anytime when it matters, the line of difference will be drawn in between. But for now, for the purpose of political play to score goals, they feel and live the short, fake status of the kids of the master. Sad.

Olusegun Obasanjo and President Buhari

Because of the semihuman, half-done or mind shrinked fellows of their breed, we will see, at least for the moment, any stupid message from any desperado public enemy travel on the sail of sentiments since the readers and celebrants of such coward, unguided gimmicks must be his type or their nursed sons – people of their mean breed or those who associate with them and their messages on the convenience of dubious, hypocritical, recalcitrant treasonable plot on public   interest.
OBJ can now be taken for anything else but definitely not patriotism or nationalism again. He has lost the name and all the writings about national development to his credit or shelved in his library should be given decent burning.
He has misled many who held brief for him, looked up and emulated his model and followed in his steps. I read his exchanges with Arthur Nwankwo a long time and concluded he had the upper hand in national discourse and vision for collective custody.
During his presidency, my follow of his speeches boggled my mind to ask questions no one cared to answer. Did OBJ actually write those books he paraded all the years before his return to the helm? I didn’t expect the answer to take this long. But God is wonderful in his wisdom of making it the right time. If it did not come, wait for it. It will. It has. At last. At the right time.
I am now the heartbroken victim that all he argued for could just vanish easily into the thin air of Nigeria’s bastard politics of greed and overriding interests of the almighty self and the family. Thank God we have come to the point we now know.
Thank God that he has written. We may not have been this educated by his letter. It is such sad for a man who has come so long but good for those who want to go so long.
Now the letter and all that is about it are in the past tense. The dust has risen and fallen and nothing did happen to the country many expected to burn because the mightiest in name, image or empty bravado has written a national political cowardice. But it must not pass. No. Not this fast. it will not be good for the lessons for the country. Let us not let everything sail easily.
It will soon be forgotten by the failed hearts and denied by shallow minds who are the very reason every politician can stand to the national stage and say or do anything without the matter of his own shame or that of his family, let alone his country. Everything about it remains to serve the fundamental, popular purpose it was not meant to. It is the case of an intended evil turning out to be a blessing for the target.
No one is saying this president and the government are perfect. No. There are inadequacies, thankfully, largely, in those around the house. But yes, that is the reflection of the society you and I have enjoyed in spoils for all the years. Now at the point of remakes, that reflection will manifest. But the lead is the example well defined in attitude and governance culture that steps at an inch to getting somewhere.
Why is it that that somewhere is a problem to get to simply because it has not happened during your time of leadership and not on your personal terms. When will the individualist mentality of putting the nation next to the person be eroded from our minds?
We ask that question often for no verbal answer. But the behaviour of satanic agents of the inglorious past uses our very political ways to show us indirect answers they think the misfortunes of the docile mind of the ordinary Nigerian will block the actual meaning. They are wrong. The writing of every action is now clearly defined by anyone with a human mind and heart to reason.
And the definition is resolved and settled beyond any political dust to take capacity to rise to blur it. The only real man that is the true son of his father is the better one. Let men go back home to define themselves from the roots, away from the bastard platforms of political deceit.
aisha buhari
President Buhari and his wife

This is the only opportunity ever for the Nigerian child to lay their hands on peaceful, reasonable, mature, orderly, law-ruled politics but each day we wake to the antics of dishonoured men teaching upcoming generation bad ways of doing everything so they can inherit. This is closer to the truth about the actual nature of this long process of the devaluation of our lives for all these years and who is behind it for what end?
Take it from me. It has come all the way and will remain so until the end of God’s determined time. In every bit of disservice t the nation and efforts at rebuilding, the man remains himself and the only. He is the only one. He is the best one. It is not me that said. The people did years back.
And OBJ just confirmed. And we are told by the same source that he is going to be the one again. I am happy that PMB’s campaign for a second term has started before he even consented.
And the campaign is doing the unexpected, going deep to make the easy issues in the campaign even easier. Many thanks to OBJ and to the provisions on freedom of speech in the Constitution. Democracy’s most beautiful is in even the lunatic’s enjoyment of that freedom to dance and sing for or against a party or its agent. Many thanks to the glorious God that makes things happen at a greater time. Many thanks to a letter.
He is the better man. Show me another. All the men I thought can be like him have disappointed, not me but those who know and can see. This is not a condemnation of their life or a seal to their possible remake in their lifetime, not even for the latest – OBJ, who is reaching the shores already – because God’s amazing ways of remaking hearts is ever remarkable. It cannot be ruled out.
But most of them have been pulled off the eyes of public goodwill by circumstances of their lack of respect and honour and committed consideration of public, collective priority for national good across the divides. They have used or allowed the blocks of Nigerian politics lure them into the abyss of precedents of ill-willed manners of the typical politician.
And now, at a God-given time for redress, they are closing their eyes and those of the half eyed or the already blinded from the truth of the first ever responsible politics and unmatched conduct of government – unmatched by every Nigerian standard.
Find below why the target of all this mischief, the goal of the writer, and the message in the letter are all advantage for the better man getting to be the best. The first question the wailers and the biased press asked in all the interviews I read, watched and listened to in the wake of the letter-bomb-blast is always the deafening inquiry of the desperate, drowning: is he the only one?
No journalists in all the cases have ever asked their sources to find one, because finding one like him is not even the matter. Their ulterior motive is to find the same worst men who will come to put to an end of this numbness of national serenity, focus, discipline, maturity and hopeful promises for the generations behind.
And that is the pain that we carried along the years of misery and deterioration of infrastructure and the erosion of values. Pain because those of us who grew up to see the stark difference between then and now are angered by the realities of today. No responsible human can be happy with that no matter their place in society except our same subjects of reference.
But that ulterior motive calculus is dangerous to their campaign. It is not a message that can go well with the determined PVC holders today who have got their eyes opened by the self-checking, open, transparent system that can show any funny misdemeanour. Thanks to the God of PMB and the good Nigerian progressives who are determined to see improvement in the situations of poor life by fighting their own self which God confirmed that always tilt them to do bad to themselves and to others.

They have fetched the different excuses in recent times. The public is a witness. And on every occasion, they meet God’s Will on the stand but will never relent in their fanfare of deception and continued misbelieve that the poor, poverty-stricken Nigerian will forever be deceived and misled.
I see them like the rabbit I once encountered in hunting. It leaps from the only shrubby roadside on noticing the clicks of my feet. I chase it in a vast, open flat field. I see it run right before me too close to call.
It stops on three times to rest, leaning on a grass chunk. It thinks it is hiding that way. It waits to hear if actually chasing behind is still willing. Watching it lie flat on the ground with its ears down to the back, bare, exposed to my danger. It is funny that it thinks safe that way. I suddenly burst. I am here right behind. I can bend to pick it: bare and close. Just inches away. But laugh overwhelms me.
Its stupid hiding gimmicks continued three times but luck runs out of it. At the end, I overran it. But in the end, it is caught. The dubious, dishonourable politicians and the cruel elite and cohorts of Nigeria are like that rabbit. They think they can hide the truth. But it is all over their hands, open to even the unlikely eyes and minds they most neglect and continue to look down on.
Then, now and ever he is and will be the best if the wailers continue to expose themselves to the smartness of poor Nigerian owners of the ballots and to the mockery of the world. This confirmed and will repeatedly be opened to the gallery by the series of scenes in the political drama that dances out to the dark depth of the people’s poor hearts but which ends up in the fine firm of their front faculty. God is merciful.
It was the letter that tells us. PMB is the best candidate anytime. All along I used to think a deal of amount of great admiration for OBJ. During the last campaign, he did not openly opposed, and seen rather silently supported, the PMB and APC mission to the rescue that still keeps us in.
At the end we thought that coupled with his dismay over the PDP and GEJ’s conduct of the presidency, most persons thought OBJ had reconciled his heart to regret the forgivable mistakes of his government, his political kingmaking that led to a disaster choice, and to renew a common cause with the new popular man.
Watching him play emissary roles at the inception of the new government gladdened my heart that, at last, two strong men that have come of age and out of shared travails, with similar experiences and like-minds of nationalism, have now come to work together.
Obasanjo Presidency

At that time, I jumped to a fervent prayer, with my social media campaign for forgiving GEJ for the statesman concession, that GEJ join them in no time to make the tripod for the accomplish of the task ahead.
It breaks my heart that the letter has finally stripped the man naked now, of all his national antecedents, roles and efforts and eases the burden off me in holding him in the height of respects we carried him to, all that point. A bad heart is always hidden behind a man’s smiles, but its evil has a way of manifesting in shocking ways and, in most cases, to the opposite of the evil intention.
Now it is clear that OBJ’s love for this country, his nationalist posture and purported respect to democracy are all nothing if they do not come on his own terms.
More than any Nigerian, OBJ knows that true democracy and genuine development he talked and wrote immense books and letters about have never seen even the shallowest entrench in this country since after January 15, 1965.
The attributes or indices of the measurement of that claim lie in the list and the physical counts crediting the PMB government that the letter silenced and the supporters of the letter avoided – acts of deliberate negligence and purposeful ignorance of the truth as real as it is – even when they are the results of hard prayers many have invested into.
What will God do to the same people who will go to mosque and church and continue to pray peace, prosperity and development of this country and then turn away from the results of their prayer? What will be the tone and words of their prayer again in asking God another thing in another prayer?
Why will Nigerians ask God for something a number of times and just when God is giving that thing slowly and gradually at His Will and Time, the servants will go to beg for the same thing again in different language, tone and place simply because that is coming not on their own terms, not for themselves alone and not for their own credit?
Why is it that when God makes good comes from one person from one faith it is denied and rejected by the same persons because they asked for the thing in a mosque and it is now coming from a church?
When will we learn to understand and respect God’s wisdom to tie our hearts and minds on the common goals to address the common, shared problems across the land He decided we must all live in hell or heaven?
And when will the extension of dubious politics from the party arena of affiliation to the pulpits of the mosque and the church cut, stop and be truncated by will of man’s change of heart, when we know that it was politics that led to the gory horror we experienced across the land which sucked human blood out of many and still hangs over our heads?
And when will we unite on purpose – short or long-term purpose – that will serve a need across the board and for the service of human shared needs, irrespective of who brings it and from where it comes?
With the incumbency, that is easy to do in near times, if we shun the flips of purposeful self-ignorance and read the template of the manifesting signs characterising every aspect of the remaking of this society/polity I see and feel at the moment.  
But in a way, it all was a purposeful service to the envisaged future in the class struggle between the down and the up. It is a blessing in many ways. OBJ has given the service and the notice to all that elite grip of the structures of society is loosing and fast. And society will be free and true to its original, natural creed.
Thanks to the letter for exposing the gang of the elite. In everything about it and its precedents, the letter exposes the grand agenda build long ago over the crooked theory of ill-health to persuade PMB out of power on the alternative of the public perceived creditable RMK bias – the clear case of pushing for individualism without thinking anything close to nationalism. For how long will we continue to place individuals up above the nation and for what end, at last?
It is another defeatist theory. With the return of more than lost health to PMB, that theory would not have worked, and the letter was the alternative to the now unpopular health issue capable of inciting the wrath of the anger of the masses, which the Nigerian have never seen, but to which they now build up.
And this is all about the cruel elite agenda and the personal envy and shame of past failures from which symptoms the letter writer suffers. The solid, genuine laying of the foundations of development of infrastructure in roads and rails and the assurance of the expanding foreign reserve, coupled with the social programmes making the impact at the grassroots, the idea of keeping the poor poorer and helpless in Nigeria was not feasible.
With four more years the foundations will grow to the limelight to solidify the economy and that will leap the country out of the hardship which card they are quick to mention in this saga of de-campaigning PMB.
In addition, the society is gradually finding its ways back to the original values it lost that made corruption rampant, reckless and ruthless such that the elite who all along survive on it, cannot continue to maintain their SES to public expectation for four more years.
So the letter, the past and the next act in their gallery of the shameful saga is to unchain corruption and make politics about fighting it more pronounced as in the past but without necessarily showing indices of the fight like the loopholes which are closed without any rancour and without anyone in jail yet.
With the mercies of God for the people, some lawyers and judges have long converted to the decent professional practice of passionate patriotism to the nation, their own buy-in to the call of the great leader for change. A new national culture of doing the right is picking up.
And change must be. No one talks this but God. It must be. Time to live on the sweat and blood of the weak, the illiterate, the poor and the weak is over. Their God has brought them a messiah and no one or force of evil can change that. Innocents have suffered much and unnecessarily.
At the initial stage and to date, the judiciary was used to frustrate the executive’s execution of cases to correct or jail the culprits. Now they are using the judiciary’s delay and mark time to campaign the government that it was so slow in the execution of corruption cases and no one has been jailed yet.
They forgot that at a time shortly after PMB took over the same elite sent emissaries on and off the Villa to ask for forgetting past cases and concentrate on new cases and those culprits should be asked to return what they took and not be jailed. Their use to double standards of justices beckons. They cannot live in a straight system.
Image result for obasanjo support buhari
But why are they able to play the nagging desperate housewife to this climax of the national limelight? This is because of the better, the best democrat in place – a humble gentleman. He doesn’t talk let alone say the contradictory to make them at ease with an arm. He doesn’t react to the dances of their numerous hidden hands, evil plots and ulterior playing out in different manifestations.
But they do not see it as that. They think he is intimidated into silence or cowardice from acting on them. No. He has beaten them to the status of the true democrat they hate to know and he goes on to become the world’s best president of a developing economy ever. It is this unmatched quality and records his pars envy and hate to see happen.
PMB respects the rule of law and the principles and norms of democracy by nature of democratic practice. He doesn’t believe and does not allow rigging by and for the ruling party that houses his presidency. He is recruiting supporters by reason of proof and empirical evidence of his exemplary conduct of government and the gentleman responses to national issues.
He uses the law and its enforcement agencies by their functions and no human rights issue was pressed to a height except for the few treasonable cases, which, for hate of fight of corruption (HFC) and bitterness over the impact of the old man and his ownership of the public they abused, misled and dumped a number of times in politics.
He is not desperate for any brandish. He is calm and focused on the purposive governance of entrenching the solid trenches of development. And they are angered further by his calm in the face of their desperate escapades. It boils them from the inside and they can’t say it.
Most of them are owners of the power generating plants business and transport system and the rails he is working hard on because it will render their businesses useless – strong reasons why power and evaded and defied every attempt at solving them.
Now they see the signs all over that the reality is about downing to unlock the chains on microfinance business and poverty of the majority of the owners or stakeholders of the country and the democracy. a flourishing down class is thanking good for the relief of life from God. Yes because of a man.
PMB has influenced and is raising a renewed breed of honest, sincere, selfless Nigerians committed to decent life and living, free of the smudges of clumsy corruption. Cases are counted in the stories that make the news even when the conspiracy, the envious, dubious, cheat politics is hiding many. But the true effect is down deep in homes and families.
Accounts from households indicate residents’ strong opinions on PMB values of life and his will to synchronise the values in government. They love it, love him and they love those who preach them. Just s they hate in prayer and with passion those who oppose the truth about decent life.
The man has rendered scholars, academics, cleric, imams and pastors useless. He preaches in the clandestine silence that wires the hearts of persons bred on personal goals and real achievements that go real with the provisions of the divine books.
The people have found peace, away from the cacophonic noise, screams and shouts of corrupt clerics and scholars who are silent about corruption and about the good that PMB is doing in the name of avoiding politics.
There is deep in the crux of their hearts and therein lies their hatred to the righteous simply because they benefitted, benefit and miss the pipes that service their SES in the eye of their followers, totally forgetting the watches of the Lord they talk to the people about but turn around to ignore His mercies.
PMB has revived the intelligence of the people’s orientation and awareness. Our people were docile in the past by the overweight of the dubious politician, leaders in all places and the subtle influence of their spiritual leaders. They were blinded by every sort of evil. With PMB, they have found their eyes, ears and senses back.
They now know and can see the huge difference made by silent action and they can trace the desperation of the defeatist, neglected, abandoned politicians who are mad doing every stupid thing to make irrelevant relevance in the polity. They are in essence campaigning PMB with every move of an inch. And they will do it themselves for us: to make him the only electable candidate across the parties.
It is PVC and it is the people that own the ballots now, which is another source of their anger and madness, and it is the people that vote, not the – young men and women, housewives and the elderly (parents of the poor kids in school who can hardly eat but for the school feeding programme of the GN) – mostly the beneficiaries of the social programmes.
And come, let there be no more murmuring when the next government comes in and does not work with you because you did everything openly to show your immature hated to the will of God. You can’t even dream it. It will force you into uninvited self exile of your own.
I have a hero that is calm and peaceful with himself and is pleased with the people. There is no better wealth than this. If you know what life is that is. Find yours. Fast.
The sweep
Hassan A Hassan

Hassan can be reached on
08032829772/08050551220 (text only with full names and address)


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