How to grow your money portfolio with Aisha Aliyu Abdulrahman


By Suleiman Hassan Gimba
I was invited to a Seminar on 27th January, 2018 by Hajiya Aisha Aliyu Abdulrahman, a network marketing and crypto currency expert, who made a presentation on “Your money portfolio”
And I just cannot sit down and hold what I learnt to myself. That would be doing a great disservice to her and the other voices that motivated me into now concluding that it is only a matter of time before I become an entrepreneur.
The world has evolved and we must evolve with it. And there is no better way to start than now. What is it you can do and what is it that you cannot do? How do I get out of this labyrinth? Where do I go to, to seek “a great perhaps”? These are questions you ask yourself all the time and these are questions that, most importantly, deserve to be answered.
The Speakers at the event were Mrs Mariama Bobbo, Engr Maidawa, Mrs Devaan Mom and Mr Olu Joseph. I learnt of the ways to break away from the conventional way of doing business. It is no longer buyers and sellers at the market place. It is with your phone, laptop, etc. it is also no longer about needing a large capital, some businesses require zero capital and, most importantly, no office space to rent and little need of employing others under you but the good thing is that everyone can be an entrepreneur.
I met a lady, at the event, whose company has developed a wristband that has been equipped with a tracker which can help track a person that is kidnapped or lost. And she was at the event to learn more, meaning that you cannot stop finding ways of learning and evolving even when you think you have it all. I grew up seeing Kilishi sold under canopies, same can be said of Garin Dan Wake, Kunu, etc, but they have slowly now found their way to Shoprite and other big malls. Some have even been exported abroad. Why? This, I learnt, is the work of entrepreneurs.
An entrepreneur is a person that identifies the needs of others then fills that need for a profit. And then there is an excellent entrepreneur. And what informs you of who an excellent entrepreneur is? An excellent entrepreneur is a person that creates a need and fills it. People didn’t need an iPhone but because of Steve Jobs they now do. People were content with lighting fires in the bush but an excellent entrepreneur invented candles, another then invented lamps to stop the wind from putting off fires and with time, an excellent entrepreneur emerged and invented electricity and people now cannot live without it.
Give ten people one million naira each today, come back after a while and you will see that the entrepreneur has ten million naira and the rest have nothing. It is not like, he will forcibly take their money from them, he will identify their needs and fill it for a profit. If the people love meat, he opens a Suya Spot and maybe even engages in door to door sales or home delivery.
I could start with telling you why our brother, Umarbarde is a Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria yet a proud owner of a legitimate business. It is because he has identified the fact that your salary cannot be enough for you. He thinks like this because he has broken free from the mind-set of “job, job, job!” and if you think of job, job is all you are going to get, not financial freedom.
We were not born with anything but in life you learn. When you learn, you acquire skills, talents even. And when you harness your talents and shone your skills, you become a boss at whatever you are doing. Yes, it is not easy. Yes, it will take time. But the journey of a thousand years begins with a step and it doesn’t even matter what route you take to your destination, there is no easy one. Which should make you all the more prepared because nothing good comes easy.
You need to study, understand and know how to apply the rules of the business you have decided to partake in. because whatever financial tools you have at your disposal, without the intellect will ultimately not serve you right.
I have always frowned at the idea of having a mentor because I will have to think and act like my mentor, which to me was just not cool. But that was a long time ago; a time when my understanding of things weren’t as they are now, haven’t met a lot of people and most of my ideas came from either Hollywood or from my discussions with friends. Yes, there was such a time.
A mentor is an experienced person who gives a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time. You can have a Spiritual Mentor that will help you in feeding your spirit, helping you remember God even when things are not going your way.
And then there is an Academic Mentor, not too much explanation is needed here because as the name implies, he helps you with studying, learning about new ideas, creating your ideas and most importantly, evolving not just as a businessman but as a person.
Financial Mentor comes up next and the name may actually sound like he is the go-to person when you are “broke” or you need the floodgates of cash open, wrong. He is actually more like your secondary school Economics teacher and the one to impose those secondary school beliefs you had of who an Economist is. So, brace yourself as this man won’t let you spend 1,000 Naira on Shawarma this night and wake up with Zero Naira in your pocket tomorrow when you can actually use that money and buy crypto currencies and wake up happier and richer the next day.
You will also need an Accountability and Lifestyle Mentor to get yourself ready for what could be the decision of a lifetime.
You need to get ready to Dominate 2018 and you can do that:
To ask yourself “WHAT AM I REALLY GOOD AT?”
CHECK WHAT IS TRENDING (EMERGING MARKETS) like Crypto currencies that don’t even require capital or an office.
You will need to be PERSISTENT AND CONSISTENT in what you do in order to become FINANCIALLY FREE. You are said to be financially free when you can afford your lifestyle without working.
You can contact Hajiya Aisha Aliyu on:
08037042743, or visit her office at:
Suit 201 NAWA Complex, Ahmadu Bello Waya, Along Next Cash and Carry Supermarket, Abuja.


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