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The tumour of Maryam and a Government's negligence


When I highlighted the unfortunate situation of 19 year old Maryam Shu’aibu few days ago, Governor Atiku Bagudu promptly responded. He whatsapped a message to me, saying that his government had taken the girl to the Usmanu Danfodio University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto where evaluation was initiated.

He complained that the girl failed to show up for follow ups. He said again that one Yakubu Maikyau was handling the matter.

I replied instantly, thanking the Governor for his prompt response. However, I drew the Governor’s attention to the fact that as a naive and village brought up girl, Maryam is likely to underestimate the seriousness of her situation. To expect her to initiate follow ups, to and from Sokoto, is to say the least, unfair. I suggested to the Governor that a government medical personnel be detailed to take charge and ensure that she reports to hospital as at when due.

Instead of Governor Atiku Bagudu to take heed and do the needful, he sent another message to me, saying that the girl knew where and how to get across to Yakubu Maikyau. Who the heck is Yakubu Maikyau? I asked, rather whimsically.

Maikyau, I was told upon inquiries, is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). He is reported to be in charge of the Governor’s pre-election litigation matters at the courts. So, what about Maikyau?  What is the business of Maikyau and the life-threatening tumour on the face of Maryam? How can a Governor who has the entire health structures and apparatus at his beck and call be talking about a Maikyau when a mere verbal instruction to the Commissioner of Health would have sufficed? Is this Governor actually in his elements? If this girl is his daughter, will he be waiting for a SAN to finish his high profile and money spinning work around the world to come and take her to the hospital?

From all indications, Atiku Bagudu is not serious about the tumour of the poor Maryam. His body language aptly points to that. I will like to announce that “we the people” would take over Maryam’s case. We shall become her mother and father and in shaa Allah, a way to save Maryam, through a collective action will soon open.
I must acknowledge the interests which this matter has generated across the country and I have taken note of the promises of assistance that have been sent to me privately. We would come up with a plan to rescue Maryam, in shaa Allah.

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