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Trending Video: ICRC boxes of cash not in Nigeria, Red Cross condemns allegations


The Anti-Corruption agencies in Nigeria have denied the alleged recovery of huge Red Cross boxes containing millions of dollars in a trending video. The video which has gone viral shows huge boxes containing large amounts of cash in United States (US) dollars with the logos and emblems of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on all of them.
In response to the video, officials of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC told PRNigeria in confidence that they are not aware of the recovery or the existence of boxes of Red Cross containing US dollars anywhere in Nigeria.
Meanwhile, the ICRC has also issued a disclaimer condemning the video showing cash in trunks. It claims the logos on the boxes are fake and they have nothing to do with the humanitarian agency.

In its official statement on the trending video, ICRC said that “A video recorded in 2011 showing the illegitimate use of the ICRC emblem on storage trunks holding cash has popped up on social media periodically over the last two years, including in early 2018. We want the following to be understood clearly: The ICRC has nothing whatsoever to do with the storage or transport of cash alleged by this video and we strongly condemn the misuse of our name and logo in this manner.
“The misuse of the ICRC emblem in the video is a dangerous abuse of ICRC’s name and the particular meaning and purpose of the Red Cross emblem, which is the visible sign of the protection conferred by the Geneva Conventions to the victims of armed conflicts. The video fuels false conspiracy theories, such as money laundering, that harm the reputation the organization has built by assisting people affected by war over the last 155 years. Though we are not aware of any incidents as a result of this video, we are concerned about the impact such a blatant abuse of the emblem may have on the security of our staff and activities in the countries where we operate, where trust by all sides is essential to protect our staff and enable our humanitarian action towards those most in need. “The ICRC is a strictly neutral, independent and impartial humanitarian organization that seeks to protect and assist people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence.”
Source: PRNigeria.

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