Air Vice Marshall Alkali Mamu (Rtd) honored as Barde Fika


 By Hussaini Muhammad Baba 
Air Vice Marshall, Alkali Mamu has been honored with the title of Barde of Fika by his Royal Highness the Emir Of Fika Alhaji Muhammad Abali Ibn Idriss.
The appointment was given to him by the representative of his Royal Highness Alhaji Baba Ardo the Makidubu of Fika.
“The Emir issued this appointment because you are well deserving and you are among the sons of Fika emirate who are supporting and contributing to the development and growth of the emirate,” said Baba Ardo.
The new Barde of Fika said “I feel highly honored to be recognised by his Royal Highness, the Emir Of Fika for giving me this title of Barde of Fika.
“I am more determined to come back home to work with all the traditional title holders to rebuild Fika emirate for the greatness of our people and to the glory of God and joy of his Royal Highness of Fika.”
The Barde also pray to Almighty Allah seeking for his forgiveness, prosperity and call on entire people of Fika to joint hand together so that to rebuild a better Fika emirate.


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