Marketing Today: The Best Way To Engage With Your Target Customer On Social Media


Sometimes, all it takes to “work it” and bring your A-game to your social media marketing is not just to post catchy contents that would attract your target audience. This is because more and more people are online, more and more contents are being churned out daily and fewer people are paying attention.
Some people might say all that matters with social media marketing is using the right medium or channel to communicate with your target customer. I mean, the whole idea of having a company social media page is to communicate with customers right? But, we often miss the fact that, social media, unlike traditional media is not one-directional nor two-directional. It is multi-directional. You are communicating with a large heterogeneous group of people who have the opportunity to also communicate with you instantly.
In other words, people are not visiting social media to read about your business unless they are looking for your service or product (this does not happen all the time by the way). That is why the 1 percent rule of social media marketing reminds us that out of the entire social media users, only one percent of them are actually paying attention to you and your content, responding and using it.
It then begs the question what are the other 99percent doing?
I’ll tell you what they are doing. Surfing or browsing the internet, moving from one content to another, going through web pages, websites and social media pages but not really paying attention.
They are clicking the like button but haven’t necessarily read past the headline;They are sharing the post because you probably used a rib-cracking or eye-catching image, video or GIF; They are commenting because you probably struck a cord.
But you’ve got to ask yourself; Are they actually visiting my website to learn more at all? How many of them are actually visiting the site and shopping? How many of their friends are calling my line to make further enquiries in a bid to make a purchase? At the end of the day, the likes, comments, shares may not necessarily make the desired impact.

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Image Credit: Britni Danielle

However, there’s a way out. The secret is, don’t just be the content provider, be the engager.

  • Don’t wait for your target to come and make comments on your post when for instance there is another issue that has gotten the whole internet talking that is nothing related to your business. For instance, if a topic is trending globally or locally, follow it, read conversations and where necessary, make contributions. You will attract people in the process. They will begin to learn more about you or your brand, your ideas, values, etc and begin to want to learn more about you. They will check out your profile, your website, and of course, follow you. That’s just basic human nature. They seek to learn more but not when you don’t give them something to inquire about. In a nutshell, “Engage” them.
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Engage with your followers and join the conversations they are following and showing interest in. Image: Blogging Pro
  • Remember that the primary objective of social media is to relax, catch up, have fun and just connect with friends and family. Connecting with a business is not on the “To do list” of social media users except of course they have a complaint, or want to learn more ways to contact you. Hence, have an opinion and share them. Have a human identity even with the business identity. I.e, give a human face to your brand. Share other people’s posts, engage with your followers, comment on their posts, share when you can. Ultimately, “be a friend” to your social media followers.

Do these, and you will see how you grow engagements and most importantly, build a friendship with your target customers who would begin to build interest and trust in your brand and ultimately convert your social media effort to profits.


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