Our Youths Our Dream, Our Youths Our Future!


By Murtala Yahaya and Maimuna Jibrin 

YOUTH is best understood as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence.
That’s why, as a category, youth is more fluid than other fixed age-groups. Yet, age is the easiest way to define this group, particularly in relation to education and employment, because ‘youth’ is often referred to a person between the ages of leaving compulsory education, and finding their first job.

The United Nations, for statistical purposes, defines ‘youth’, as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years, without prejudice to other definitions by Member States.
Going by the saying that “youths are the backbone of the society” and “youths are the leaders of tomorrow” but regrettably our youths today that are mostly used as weapons during campaigns as political thugs and machineries for advertising candidates’ aspirations by politicians to achieve their ambitions.
It is obvious that the youths are mostly dumped after the elections.
The youths should ponder on the fact that they are the Creme de la creme of any politically oriented society. They should not allow themselves to be used as agents for advertising aspirants in any given society to the masses especially those with bad record and those with history of corrupt activities.
It’s the youths that are mostly used by the perpetrators in any criminal activity cannon fodder and conduct what they want for them. Look at how Boko Haram insurgency started by convincing youths to follow their teaching, look at the how youths are been engaged in various criminal activities like Biafran agitations, Fulani Herdsmen, Cattle Rustling, Farmers Crises in the middle belt, and political thuggery.
The questions here are; do the perpetrators/sponsors include their children, family and relatives in the criminal activities? Do they participate in the process? Rather what positive roles do they played in the society before influencing our dear youths?

In this vein, the youths should know that they are the next generation, next parents and the leaders of today and not tomorrow the youths should not subdue themselves or serve as sycophants to ungodly politicians who are mostly incompetent and undeserving but should rather work towards seeing competent leaders emerge.

Remember that their time has almost gone but how about our future? What resources are we going to use to run the country? Are we in the right path? Are we doing Justice to ourselves? Are they justice to us?
Many of youths didn’t understand that they are important to our dear country, Nigeria. But how many of us know that we are to a nation building what water is to human life? How many of us know that youths are the only unlimited resources for meaningful and eternal development?
Youthfulness is a perishable gift from nature and at the same time a moral onus which when left unexplored and unexploited can result in regrettable melancholic nostalgia. Thus, perhaps, the damage remains irreparable. Beware!
Therefore, wisdom require us to enjoy this time-framed divine gift as judiciously productive as possible by creating a socio-economic and moral system that upholds our values and be fair to all and sundry.
It is quite unfortunate that our mindsets have been socially maneuvered and stereotypically believe that “we are eternal followers not leaders.” So blind to understand that “true leaders create leaders and not followers.” Hence, the creation of leaders should be based on us (the teeming youths) and none but ourselves can build up the leadership structure we fervently and hopefully aspire to.
Every generation is charged with the responsibility of maintaining or changing the status quo of its society for posterity’s sake. Thus, the awaiting generation(s) would be grossly displeased to inherit a disgraceful legacy that provides thorny cradle onto which their respective social talents and aims would be conceived and nurtured. And as a matter of positive youth development and historic social reform for the betterment of our dear nation, it could be of great moral importance and mighty impact to note that, “we, the youths of Today are the leaders of Tomorrow and the youth of Tomorrow will heap their disappointed and acrimonious blames on none but their elders (leaders) whom were once called “Leaders of Tomorrow” that’s; the youths of Today! Therefore, should forge ahead with a big task to accomplish their dreams.
Firstly, the ultimate prerequisite for every meaningful development as generally and oftentimes said is education without which our society cannot have the vantage point to locate the desired targets.
Secondly, it is important to note that youthful exuberance, intelligence and cohesive social whims encapsulated in the will of concerted efforts, without the intervention of steadfastness could yield merely a half-baked development. Therefore, we need to be obdurately steadfast in our keen quest for positive development for a better Nigeria
Finally, we, the youths being the fuel with which the heavy duty vehicles of meaningful development operates should boldly stand up to the hydra-headed monstrous challenges facing our beloved Nation in order to be authors of the book of monumental achievements which the future generation will raptly peruse.
My dear esteem youths, it’s your time now to vote for a leader that will bring about development to our country, state and local governments.

Yahaya and Jibrin are Mass Communication students of the University of Maiduguri.


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