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UEFA Grants 4 Automatic Champions League Slots To Europe’s Elite Leagues


The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has brought up new rules to guard the next European football season.
Sequel to a conference to discuss new policies to be taken up by the world’s biggest football continent, key decisions that will be accepted with high encomium were made. In the new policies to guard the running and participation of teams, UEFA revealed that the biggest leagues in Europe will now have automatic slots for their best teams i.e. top four.
This will abolish the previous automatic three slots granted to the English, Spanish and German leagues. The new policy will ensure the top four teams in these major leagues will earn automatic slots to qualify for Europe’s premier club football competition.
Also standing is the automatic spot meant for the winners of the Europa League and Champions League with the teams placing 5th and 6th in these leagues also qualifying to Europa League directly.
The new rules mean that the top 6 teams in these leagues have secured for themselves, European berth.
These new policies will be a soother to the teams from the English Premier League as the risks attached to prosecuting playoffs is now quashed with the new rules.
UEFA also agreed that the drama that comes with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is not in sync with the present plans of UEFA as they may consider it for future engagements while dismissing any chance or hope of seeing the technology being introduced in next year’s UEFA Champions League.

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