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As APC convention, congresses nears, by Comfort Tari Tilishe


Over three years of being in power, the ruling All Progressive Congress has scheduled it national convention for May, 2018. This comes shortly after the incumbent president of the federal republic of Nigeria made public declaration of his desire to reruns in 2019 general elections and also declared against tenure extension of the party’s executives and stressed that the party shall hold convention and congresses nationwide.
Be that as it may, controversies has arises from among members of the party crossways local, regional and indeed, the national body as most of the incumbent executives demand for extension of their period in offices which will enables them maintain their proposed exucutives chairs.
Most disturbing part of the disputes is that prominent personalities in the party have now come to be raising the idea that some members of the party that dismantled various positions of leaderships into lots of posts of the public responsibilities are incapable of executing their prospects in such positions thus making the administration a fail one and as well, claimed that they shouldn’t be allow to continue in power.
Similarly, these challenges have being emerging when the 2019 general elections campaign is kicking whilst itself, the election is at the forthcoming. However, politicians from across regions including members of the party have already taken parts that be in their favors and abundant what opposes their dispositions. This have been a serious havoc that may, If care is not taken, cause a lasting setback to the unanimous existence of the ruling party.
At the same vein, many angry disenchanted Nigerian men and women are increasingly becoming unsupportive to the poor representatives that assumed positions of leaderships as a result of the change mantra advocated by President Muhammadu Buhari during which his electioneering campaign was very much intense by 2015.
Again, the party has arguably, now, been overwhelmed with gigantic threats that seems to have being posing untold hardships not just to it members alone, but also to the government in power; common instance is that, as a party in governance, that owns majority of seats in both the chambers of the national assembly, would have confidently be fit to alone, decide whatever that suppose to or not, serve as a bill which will in turn, be in their favor, accented to, by the president to become a law in the federation; but conversely, the APC alone could not be able to decide what to happen or what not to, at both the chambers of the national assembly albeit, they’re the majority in the houses. This is obviously due to the fact that their exist tremendous factional groups in the party that their factions could not easily be reconcile.
Other lingering issues that tend to draw attention include growing numbers of politicians that have willingness to contest for different executive and legislative positions aside those occupying the positions also willing to reclaim their respective seats, couples with the incumbent executive members that are about exhausting their tenure’s limit strategically aiming to determine people that will succeed them, seem to bring additional confusion in the party.
Hence, there is need for careful reformation in the ruling party or else, we’ll be into severed calamities like ever before. Thus, members of the ruling party, the government in power, and all concern authorities shall put hands together to ensure that dividend of democracy is realp by many Nigerians; the party should also appreciate the roles of political parties in upholding democratic values with special reference from the advanced countries and adopt equal strategy for the good and betterment of our people and indeed, our dearly loved nation.
Comfort is a 300 level student of the department of Mass Communications University of Maiduguri.

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