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Sadiq Abbas Sanusi looks at political thuggery in Kano, Nigeria and gives advise


As an indigine of Kano state, it gives me great dismay to watch helplessly of how my state is now turning into a political battle ground, courtesy of political thuggery sponsored by politicians. The state that is known for its cultural heritage, peace and religious tolerance is now turning into an arena of violence and political thuggery.
Openly these thugs display dangerous weapons. Is there no law and order in Kano? This question is necessary because there has not been any serious warning or arrest of any of the perpetrators or the sponsors of these acts. Is it that they are hands in gloves with powerful politicians?
Have we reached that era for self protection as a people or taking the law into our hands? Does it mean that anybody who is not in the good books of a government is branded enemy of the state?
The practice of overlooking such kind of barbaric attacks on the innocent and harmless citizens must be STOPPED!
Every citizen and resident of this state must be entitled to his personal liberty to join any political party, a right given to him br the constitution; he should not be deprived from that liberty.
It is stated in the constitution that every citizen has right to life, and opinion and respect for his dignity and he should not be subjected to fear and, or harm because of his choice of ideology. The Government has the moral responsibility of protecting its citizens from attack, insult or brutality of thugs.
Nigerians must rise up, complement the government and say: Enough of this bloodshed in the name of political differences. It is now time to bring positive development to our people. The world is watching us as 2019 approaches the corner.

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