ANALYSIS: Pacquiao gave Matthysse a methodical, mental beatdown

Dennis Gasgonia, ABS-CBN News

In order to become champion again, Manny Pacquiao had to hurt Lucas Matthysse not only physically but mentally.
That’s what the now 5-time welterweight world champion did to the Argentinean banger, according to fight analyst Ed Tolentino.
“More than the punches, Pacquiao really took away whatever is remaining in the heart of Lucas Matthysse,” said Tolentino during DZMM’s live coverage of the Pacquiao-Matthysse fight.
“(Matthysse) didn’t bother to try, he didn’t bother to take a gamble, so Pacquiao kept rolling the dice.”
The Argentinean slugger started having trouble against Pacquiao when the 39-year-old Filipino connected a well-timed left uppercut underneath Matthysse’s guard in the third round. This sent Matthysse rolling to the canvass.
In the fifth, Pacquiao unloaded a power right hook that connected to the temple, forcing Matthysse to take a knee.
The end came in the seventh round when the Filipino again timed Matthysse with another left uppercut.
It was evident in the Argentinean’s face that his confidence had been eroded and he wanted no more.
“Methodical beatdown ang ibinibigay ni Manny kaya halos ibinibigay na ni Matthysse (ang laban e),” Tolentino said.
Ironically, Matthysse carries the moniker “La Maquina” or “The Machine.”
But Tolentino said Pacquiao proved that even machines could break down.
“Minekaniko ni Manny ang ‘Makina,'” he said.
Tolentino said Matthysse could have given Pacquiao a better fight if he only tried harder. After all, he packs a devastating punch in his vaunted right hand.
“Going to this fight alam nating mabagal siya, alam nating may edad na rin siya, pero alam nating mayroon siyang isang pamatay na weapon, ang right straight,” he said.
“Pero hindi na niya ito binitawan, he never gambled. Paano ka mananalo kung hhindi ka bibigay ng suntok?”
“I thought that Matthysse should have tried harder, should have taken his gamble.”
What happens now is that Matthysse might retire, Tolentino said.
Meanwhile, led by President Rodrigo Duterte, political heavyweights on Sunday showed support for Senator Manny Pacquiao in his successful bid for the World Boxing Association welterweight belt here against Lucas Matthysse of Argentina.
Cheers greeted Duterte as he entered Kuala Lumpur’s Axiata Arena. With him were his son Sebastian Duterte and Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go.

President Duterte here to support Pacquiao in epic bout vs Matthyse. With the President is son Baste Duterte, SAP Go, and the Malaysian Defense Minister.

The President stood and raised his fists after Pacquiao, 39, defeated Matthysse via knockout in the seventh round. It was the Filipino legend’s 60th career win in a glittering 23-year career.
Mahathir said Pacquiao’s win ushered a “historic day for Malaysia.”

Duterte, meanwhile, said he will take inspiration from Pacquiao’s triumph when he holds a dialogue with Mahathir.
“I have no regrets that I came earlier to watch the fight. It’s a good one, it’s the first time that I have traveled outside the Philippines just to see him fight,” the President told reporters.
The President, however, said he has urged Pacquiao to retire because he wants “to see my friend rest on his laurels and enjoy life.”
“He (Pacquiao) has so much money already, no problem,” quipped Duterte.


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