15 people arrested by Chinese police over rabies vaccine scandal

From Halima Abdulkadir

Authorities in China have ordered the arrest of no less than 15 people on “suspicion of criminal offenses” over a vaccine scandal involving a pharmaceutical manufacturer Changchun Chang sheng Biotechnology.
Report gathered that the chairman and producer of the rabies vaccine who is currently under fire for fraudulent quality control are among 15 people arrested by Chinese authorities.
 The arrests were made after pharmaceutical manufacturer admitted to falsifying test results and producing fake vaccines.
Police in the northeastern city of Changchun announced the arrests but did not give the chairwoman’s full name. She has previously been identified as Gao Junfang.
While there have been no apparent reports of people being harmed by the vaccine or having contracted rabies after receiving it, the regulator has already ordered Changsheng to halt production and recall all its vaccines.


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