IMN press statement: Zaria massacre Kaduna high court frees 100 IMN members


Today Tuesday the Kaduna State High Court again delivered a favorable judgement in the “no case submission” filed by the defense lawyers on the case brought against nearly 100 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, that were arrested at various locations in Zaria in December 2015 following a brutal clampdown on the Islamic Movement. They have been discharged and acquitted.
This was made known in a Press Statement signed by the President Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Ibrahim Musa and distributed to pressmen today.
In the statement. “This judgement has not only vindicated the members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, but it is certainly a victory for perseverance in the face of extreme persecution.
It is a victory for truth and justice against tyranny and impunity.”
The Islamic Movement further stated, “It will be recalled that the Kaduna state government sued almost close to 200 members of the Islamic Movement after an attack on the Movement by the Nigerian Army in December 2015 which led to the killing of over a thousand souls, including three sons of the Sheikh Zakzaky, his elder sister and a nephew.
The attack was sequel to the unlawful invasion of the privacy of their residence and eventual destruction of the house completely. This has been aptly described by several human rights bodies as a massacre.
To worsen these flagrant crimes against humanity, bodies of all the hundreds killed were hurriedly and secretly buried in mass graves about 100km away from the scene, apparently in a shoddy attempt at hiding the crime and its magnitude.”
It also reiterated its call for the release of its Leader Sheikh Zakzaky,
“We are all aware of the crude tactics of the Kaduna state government led by ElRufai all in his devilish plots at perpetuating the persecution against the Islamic Movement and the continued detention incommunicado of Sheikh Zakzaky and his ailing wife in spite of previous court judgement ordering their immediate release from detention, thereby further flaunting his fundamental rights and rights to liberty.”
With this victory in the court today, the false charges filed against them of aiding and abetting the culpable homicide has been punctured for good.
We await the response of the Kaduna state government as Sheikh Zakzaky’s case comes up in the next two days. We expect them to respect the judgement of this honorable court and the course of justice to withdraw the fake charges against him and release him with immediate effect.
As a peaceful Movement, we have kept to our clean tradition of seeking redress through peaceful means without any resort to violence despite deliberate and persistent provocations by the government. Today, Kaduna state government has again failed in court after a fair trial.
We therefore give praises to the Almighty for yet another successful outing, which further proves to the world that the Movement and its leader are only victims of impunity and mischievous plots by the El-Rufai-led government,” according to the statement.
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria thank all those that stood by it throughout the trial, “We wish to use this opportunity to also say a big thank you to all people of conscience, human rights activists and organizations, journalists and all those that joined in our dogged campaign for
justice for the victims of Zaria genocide. Thank you and God bless.”
President Media Forum of Islamic movement by Ibrahim Musa


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