Borno state government endorses new DFID/PCNI ENSURE Programme


From Fatima Bukar, Abuja
The Borno State Government has commended the Department for International Development (DFID) and UKAID for their extensive support of Borno State and her people in the course of the insurgency that has afflicted the region.
The state government noted that several support Programmes have over the years enabled it to proactively address the crisis in the State head on.
In keeping with this tradition of collaboration and support, the DFID, in partnership with PCNI and the European Union, is again initiating the enabling Sustained recovery in Northeast Nigeria (ENSURE) program.
This is a $4 million dollar Technical Assistance program that will provide the added capacity to address the challenges that have been thrown up by the insurgency in Borno State.
The Borno State government has expressed support for the program and has affirmed its commitment to work with partners throughout the lifetime of the program. It also expressed gratitude the o Federal Government of Nigeria through PCNI and Her Majesty’s Government for the continued effort through various interventions to restore peace and prosperity in Borno State.


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