Hippo attack leads to tourist death at Kenya wild park


A raver from Taiwan, has lost his life as a result of a hippo attack while shooting photographs on the shores of lake Naivasha just as another tourist survived similar attack.
Hippo’s are among the most moody animals in the world and can strike at victims with or without provocation.
Reports by the Kenyan wild life service revealed that officials of the district hospital Naivasha pronounced the man dead on arrival after medical scrutiny.
“We are tracking the hippo,” the service said on Twitter on Sunday. The agency identified the dead man as Chang Ming Chuang, 66, and the survivor as Wu Peng Te, 62, and said they were from China but Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the two were from the self-ruled island.
The Taiwan ministry said it had sent someone from its representative office in South Africa, as Taiwan has no representation in Kenya. China’s official Xinhua news agency cited the Chinese embassy in Nairobi as saying it had sent diplomats to the scene.
“It is the unshakable duty of the Chinese government to provide consular protection services to Taiwanese compatriots,” Xinhua quoted an embassy spokesman as saying.


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