Mother hangs her children after recording their goodbyes to dad


A young mother allegedly hanged her three children after recording goodbye videos to their father who had gone out drinking.
She was found alive but in a critical condition and remains in intensive care in hospital.’
The woman hanged her one-year old baby, and her two other children aged four and seven, after a series of arguments with her husband.
She said her husband introduced his live-in concubine to her as his aunt
Police said the mother was being treated in hospital after taking poison.
Regional police chief Colonel Johnny Corrales said the woman had become distraught over her husband’s drinking, “which is why she decided to hang her children and then tried to commit suicide.”
“We know that there is a video where the children say goodbye to their dad,” said Vera, a prosecutor in the central city of Cochabamba, where the tragedy unfolded.
A police forensic report said the children died of “mechanical strangulation.”
The mother, who left a letter alleging mistreatment by her husband, was being treated in intensive care and unable to give statements to the police.


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