Egwua advised Federal Govt on electricity generation


By Juliet Odey
An energy expert, Prof. Sylvester Egwu, has advised the Federal Government to mandate each state government to generate 1,000 Mega Watts (MW) of electricity that will be added to national grid.
According to him, if the 36 states are able to add about 36, 000MW to the national grid, it will enhance power generation.
”The Federal Government should give priority to electricity generation, which has been hovering between 1,000 and 5,000MW.
”With each of the states actively involved in power generation, they will be able to utilise renewable energy domicile in their locality besides hydro and gas.
He said energy issue, especially electricity should be removed from the Federal Government exclusive list and placed under the concurrent list to increase power generation.
”This will stimulate general participation and necessary commitment of Nigerians to energy issue,” he said.
Egwu said some states might be able to generate more than 1,000MW because of the underlining benefits inherent in the liberalisation of power sector.
He said all the energy generated by the states would be channeled to national grids for transmission and distribution.
Egwu said this measure would go a long way to lessen the burden of the Federal Government in power generation.
He said it would also give the Federal Government the leverage to concentrate on providing adequate infrastructure for transmission and distribution.
The energy expert said it was envisaged that 36,000MW of electricity in Nigeria could trigger industrial revolution.
”The energy development in Nigeria should be decentralised for effectiveness and result.
”Energy is the ability to do work and a motive force that drives the economy of every nation.
”And the solution to electric power generation, transmission and distribution is simple,” he said.
Egwu said South Africa with 57 million populations consumed about 208 billion kwh of electricity, while Nigeria with estimated 186 million populations consumed 24 billion kwh.
According to him, adequate and good energy supply will improve the economy and well being of the society.


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