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Ours is a politics of hope and self – reliance – A.A Zaura

From Al’amin Chiroma
The Green Party of Nigeria’s aspirant for the Kano State Gubernatorial seat, Alhaji Abdulsalami Abdulkareem Zaura (A. A. Zaura) has reiterated that his party’s mandates are clear politics of hope and self-reliance for the good people of state.
He said in today’s gloomy political atmosphere, GPN has made it clear that it has become the hope for all Nigerians youths and the populace.
Speaking to a group of newsmen in Kano earlier today, A. A. Zaura reassured the Kano people to come out en mass and support the best mission statement of GPN, which, according to him, aims at regenerating the state from its current squalor and obscenity to the greater heights.
He added that his main focus when elected is to make provision for the youths and women in the state, to enjoy good governance and exceptional dividends of democracy and hopes for their future.
In his submission, Alhaji Zaura said that over time, government in the state have ignored the cause of youths and women, who constitute the larger community.
According to him, they were left with no option than to engage in all sorts of menace, which include drugs, thuggery and societal misgivings.
“I always make it clear that our party – the GPN is the only solution to the current political intra-tensions.
The whole atmosphere is becoming something else; we are witnessing a situation whereby most people are overwhelmed with their selfish interests, rather than having the constituents at heart.
“I am on this note, calling on my fellow youths to wake up from their slumber and team up most efficiently to oust all the selfish politicians, because we all know that today they are here and tomorrow there.
It is sickening to note that they are always looking for greener pastures at the corridors of power, subsequently deceiving people without the interest of the nation primarily.
“These defections we are witnessing today does not mean that people have innermost change mantra for the best interest of our dear fatherland, but just to shift grounds and get to where they think they can be more relevant, in order to continue with their normal divide and rule system, which has been killing us since the inception of our stable democracy.
For this purpose, I want to inform our party supporters, and of course the good people of my state that GPN is going to serve as their home and hope for their future.
“Before we venture into politics, we had clear mission statement and visions, and as an indigence, I know my state very well, and believe with the support of my fellow youths, we can deliver our mandates and redeem our lost glories.
It is really saddened to see a great commercial hub like Kano, now suffering in the hands of politicians who lack the knacks and skills to move it ahead,” submitted Zaura.
He said there are so many opportunities to explore in the state, in which people can benefit.
Sighting more example, the GPN gubernatorial aspirant said, his main concern is on the modern approach to agriculture, and youth restiveness in the state.
“Very soon, we shall shake the entire state with our solid mandates and visions, in order to clear the streets, which harbour jobless youths that roam up and down doing nothing.
Our package for them is outstanding that can rehabilitate them for the betterment of the society. What will the fate of a society where its youths are wandering streets purposelessly? It is evident that the consequences of such a society is bleakness, and nobody, even the royal class, our elders, fathers, etc. no one can have peace, and nothing would prosper.
Therefore, we have our own fashionable ways of tackling such hazards,” says Zaura.
On when he shall declare himself for the mission in Kano State, Alhaji Abdulsalam said preparations are under way, as they are scheduling themselves in accordance with the laws governing the affairs of the polity in Nigeria.
“As good citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria, we are abiding by the laws governing the electioneering process therefore; we shall make it known to all our party stakeholders, supporters and the general public on when to declare our mandates. But as of now, we are testing the waters with a big bang!” He concluded.

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