High price of food commodities will decrease – Yobe State farmers


Farmers in Damaturu, State capital of Yobe State are not more frowning, rather smiling to the utmost point. Those who farm in Damaturu said they experienced huge amount of rain fall in the area in this raining season alone.
It will be recalled that Yobe state last year experienced meager amount of rain fall, as causes low in Agricultural incomes.
It was in this year that the Federal Government under the Agricultural Loan Policy programme distributed Agricultural inputs to farmers across some part of the states, the areas that includes Bade and Jakusko local government area.
The farmers were provided with inputs like bags of NPK fertilizers, as well as water pumps, feeds, chemicals, insecticides, sacks and pesticides.
The policy is aimed at addressing the food security issue, will create jobs to the unemployed youths, more especially to the ravaged areas.
Isa Umar Barma is a trader and a farmer who involved in farming activities for about fifteen years.
“We at Damaturu thank God for this raining season. Last year a lot of people farmed, but due to lack of rain people don’t got more crops, there is a person that spent up to Two hundred thousand naira and still no gaining.
But thank God we now harvesting our millet. We also expect the remaining crops will be good. I have planted cucumber in my land, when I visited the farm today, surprisingly I filled my big sack with the cucumber and gave it to people, they felt happy and blessed it.
You see all these are a signs that God have put special blessing in this raining season.
Farmers before are complaining of some factors that hiders their success, but now the complain have turn to a smile all around their faces.
Food shortage or high price of food commodities will decrease, for instance maize flour is now around three hundred naira, but in last year’s raining season is up to five hundred naira.
Damaturu residents farmers said they expect bumper harvest in the upcoming harvesting period, saying time is a hungry evacuator season.


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