Yobe APC loses serving assembly member to PDP

Hon. Abdu Mamman Zoto, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), representing Damagum  Constituency in Yobe State House of Assembly, on Thursday, announced his defection from the ruling APC to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
While explaining the reason behind his defection to Newsmen in Damagum town, Zoto said he was forced out of the party by those he described  as political adversaries.
He complained about his community being sidelined in government policies and programmes.
He also stated that whenever he tried to positively influence government policies to favour his constituents, he always faced resistance from people within his party.
He said since he could not champion the cause of his people, it is better he move to another political party (PDP) that would give him the needed support.
He revealed : “Since after the 2015 general elections,  some people went and blackmailed me at the government house, they told so many lies to the Governor, they claimed that I was involved in anti party activities, that I distributed Yariman Gudi’s relief materials and all sorts of mischief,  they went ahead to suspend me from the APC, they also claimed to have expelled me from the Party, I still remained in doing my legislative duties, at last they barred me from entering the Government House, for several years I don’t enter Yobe Government House, I was never involved in all government activities. The worst thing that happened was during the party congresses, they removed all my supporters from the delegate list, no single person was left to me, at last while preparing for my continuity in 2019 they insisted on holding primaries where I don’t have a single delegate, I consulted PDP officials in Yobe State,  they welcomed me, that they have been waiting for me to join their party since, they know my strength in my constituency, I have large number of supporters and you know politics is a game of number. PDP decided to offer me automatic ticket to contest for my seat in 2019.”


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