A tribute to my beloved wife, by Ibrahim Mohammed Bomai


Islam always exhorted us to bear in mind the fact that we come (to life) from Allah and to Him we shall all return. This strong line from a verse in the Holy Qur’an is the pillar that has supported me through this moment of pain and grief over the loss of my beloved wife Hajiya Talatu Ibrahim Bomai in the early hours of Saturday 22nd December.
No words can aptly describe the pain and the size of the vacuum created by her death. But as we all believe, every living being has a time of entry and exit from this life. Indeed, we have lost her and it is painful, but Allah loves her more and knows best.
I and the rest of my family take solace in the fact that she lived a life filled with devotion to Allah and commitment to propagation of Islam. Her life is best remembered for her dedication to helping the needy and supporting those in need, through her charity which touched the lives of so many people.
She was known for her commitment to Da’awah; spending much of her time, every now and then, to propagating Islam and supporting people who committed their precious time to Da’awah. Her foundation embarked on building mosques in so many places; supporting Islam with all she had. Her devotion to Islam was total, putting all of her time and resources to the service of the deen.
For me she was a good wife of 30-years whose kindness and devotion to Allah and her family is exemplary. All her life she placed the well being and happiness of others as a priority. She was always ready to help, always willing to shower generosity. Her words were ever full of kindness.
After her death, while we struggle to see ourselves through the pain of losing her, we also get good tidings from testimonies of many people elaborating her kindness, generosity and dedication to Islam. She also gave her children good upbringing that can only come from a dedicated mother.
The whole family will continue to pray for her; asking Allah to grant her Jannatul Firdausi. Her life was full of compassion, dedication and devotion to Allah and also supporting the whole family.
My sincere gratitude goes to all those who supported us with prayers and kind words at this trying time. I again solicit more prayers for her; seeking blessings for her beautiful soul and reward of Jannatul Firdausi. May Allah forgive her and have mercy on her. Ameen Ya Rabbil Alamin.


  1. Allah Akbar kasiran, from the news of the demise of this great mother, I believe the saying that “Good people only live for a while in this life”. Surely, the good deeds especially sadaqatul jariya carried out by this great woman, she is an inmate of ALJANAT FIRDAUS!!!! In Sha Allah


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