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Communiqué and letter of Coalition for Young Candidates in Nigeria to Senate President


From Angela Ross Uyi
18th December, 2018
His Excellency,
Senator Bukola Saraki,
Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria
The time has come for us to make our voices and demands heard and met up by our States and Federal Government.
We are all here as young candidates from different political parties across the Six Geopolitical Zones, but with one vision, mission and goal under one objective and this has made us so powerful beyond expectations and Nigerians are watching.
We the young candidates from different political parties across the 6 Geopolitical Zones of Nigeria have come together, had dialogue, harmonized our vision, mission, goal and resolve the following in an open election:
Our Vision:
To work beyond our political parties interest and stand on the interest of over 80 million Nigeria youths who are being marginalized in all the 774 LGAs in the country by making sure that the government of the day that will take over by next year after the presidential election to make sure we secure the rights of the youths in the federation in areas like:-

  1. Youth Unemployment
  2. Youth Underdevelopment
  3. Youth Corporate Social Responsibility Fund
  4. High cost of living affecting the large numbers of the Youths in the country.
  5. High cost of Educational fees that is preventing millions of Nigeria Youths the opportunities to be educated.
  6. High cost of healthcare that has really claimed thousands of lives of the innocent youths in the country.
  7. Youths rights to developmental programs and training acquisition that will be effectively carried out to the entire 774 local government to give an adequate opportunity to all class of people in the country powered by the federal government without politicking the process.

Our Mission:  To use this Movement to help support and elect credible young candidates regardless of his or her political party which will help us achieve the 50% Youth inclusion in the Government that we are all clamouring for and to use our capacity as the most powerful structure capable to bring down any Government and put in any Government into power as long as this nation is concern.
Therefore with this powers imposed on us as the Coalition of Young Candidates in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we are totally out to negotiate with those who are ready to meet up our request as our terms and conditions is clearly stated above we need to cut down things for the youths to at least feel the impact of the federal and state government and also be included in the Government.
This coalition has created an avenue for the voices of the poor masses and their ideas to be heard across all 36 States of this nation Nigeria including FCT.  While we use the power of social medias like: facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs, online news media TV and Radio stations to spread our voices and make our demands be heard by spreading this message using #CoalitionOfYoungCandidatesOfTheFederalRepublicOfNigeria #CYCFRN. To redefine politics and governance in Nigeria and create opportunities and space for the Youths in the Government.
We the Young Candidates are simply in one voice demanding for 50% Youths inclusion into the government appointment of this country. We are demanding that the Youth Ministry and other related Ministries that will help us achieve our above listed problems should be assigned to Young People.
Hence, we are leaving our doors open for negotiation with the leading party and leaders who will help us actualize our vision, mission and goals as requested above to enable us accomplish our plans.
Our Goal: The Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law the Not Too Young to Run bill which led to the coming together of over 450 young Candidates under this coalition that was made possible with the help of the just concluded NotTooYoungToRun Convergence. This is the largest gathering of the youth candidates running for office in the 2019 general election in Nigeria which ended with giving power, capacity, political link to decide the faith of this nation as to who serves us as the next President, Governor, Senator, House of Representative Members, and State House of Assembly Members. The Coalition at this point knows we have the power, using the coalition, we have built the online networking state by state leaving us more organized, we therefore think that anyone that is ready to serve us must also be ready to help us actualize our dreams which will affect the millions of our people in the grassroots that has elected us to come and contest and serve them in our various constituencies.
We are willing and ready to partner with proper and documented agreement with any candidate or party that is ready to serve the masses in the federation.
I, Chief Amb Vincent A Ubani, AAC 2019  Governorship candidate Abia State, for the interest of the millions of poor youths shall lead the negotiators delegates to you once you give us time, venue and date as we urge that the appointment should be sent via SMS to phone number: 08062521533, email nycsrf@gmail.com and letters should be sent to the Nigeria Youth Headquarters NYCN address: Federal secretariat 1st floor, Room 106 federal secretariat Abuja under the NYCSRF/ NYCN/NYAPC Desk.
Finally, these young men and women are leaders of today, and yes we know that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has asked in a newspaper publication last time that we should wait for 2023 for us to take over leadership totally and we know it is our time and our era to serve our people to meet up with this 21st century leadership capacity qualifications to drive our nation in this global electronic era. So to achieve this mission for 2023 we must start now to prepare ourselves by engaging many of the Young generation into the system of government and this why our demands must be reached, and that is what lead to the large numbers of turn up of Young Candidates in the federation today and this candidate knows we are all lacking the funds to meet up with the resources to have successful campaigns as the leaders who we are challenging are doing today, so we think it is right to solicit for help so these Young Candidates can have a sense of belonging in this campaign season. We are sending in the complete database with bank accounts of all the young candidates contesting for the 2019 general election asking for unconditional financial support, to help this brave ladies and gentlemen that are contesting in our various constituencies. Doing this will really help to show us how much commitment our leaders, who have served this nation in various capacities, have for the new generation of leaders in Nigeria.
Chief Amb. Vincent A. Ubani Joseph Ojone Attah
2019 AAC Governorship Candidate, Abia State, 2019 DPP House of Reps Candidate,
Spokesperson/National Coordinator CYCFGN Secretary General (Interim), CYCFGN

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