Why Zainab Boni Haruna Will Win The Fika-Fune Federal Constituency


By Hussaini Muhammad Baba, Fika

Zainab Boni Haruna, wife of the former Adamawa State Governor, who is contesting for House of Representatives in Fika-Fune constituency of Yobe under the platform of PDP, said she is optimistic of winning the House of Representatives seat on February 16.

She made the assertion while chatting with newsmen shortly after a campaign in Gadaka town.

Mrs Boni Haruna said her assertion was based on the overwhelming support she had garnered from her supporters who constituted about 70 per cent of the voting population in her constituency. 

”I am sure of clinching the seat saying that it was a sign of acceptance and commitment of the people of the area to ensure they deliver massive votes for PDP” said Zainab. 

“I am happy with the reception I have gotten from my people and it made me feel overwhelmed and full of joy for the crowd I saw which means that we are going to harness our votes for PDP”, she enthused.

Mrs Boni further said her constituency had suffered in the last twenty seven years owing to poor representation and added that the poor performance of the serving legislatures might not be unconnected with the poor concept of what leadership was all about.

She added that her campaign team had since embarked on engaging, sensitisation and mobilisation by reaching out to the electorate in all the nooks and crannies of the area.


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