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Is AAC a Yoruba party? By Angela Uyi


I have always asked this question but none has been able to answer this question.

Anyone would wonder why the African Action Congress (AAC) that’s claiming to be the third most popular political party would turn to become a Yoruba party, a regional party like APGA in just a few months after registration. With only two key known legal national executives of which Omoyele Sowore is its chairman and presidential candidate and Dr. Leonard Nzenwa, National Secretary.

Information reaching me shows that they have finalized plans to remove the only legal and constitutionally recognized National Secretary of the party, Dr Leonard Nzenwa who is a co founder of the party, for some flimsy and unsubstantiated reasons. Dr Nzenwa has for months kept quite avoiding rocking the boat yet even in this silence a gang of Yoruba cabal in the party have provoked him to no end and are bent on removing him at all cost. He was the one who registered the party in INEC and was trusted to do all the hardest part but no longer wanted by these social climbers.

I honestly do not know how an illegal kangaroo body would sit and plot to remove an executive recognized by INEC when there is no executive organ of the party. What kind of agenda is these Yoruba cabal promoting? They made all to believe that this is a national party but from day one they have fought the non-Yoruba and frustrated them out of the party. Few Non Yoruba still in the party are remaining because of pecuniary considerations.

Again is the AAC now also an associate of friends party?

Sowore has leadership issues. He has supported and encouraged ethnic bigotry. He has sidelined the most important persons that stood for him. He abandoned them and has gone the old ways of Nigeria. And he will be doing himself great harm if he continues to listen to the social climbers called ‘inner cabal’ in TIB.

A supposed Social Justice activist that can’t command positive change and exterminate ethnic bigotry within his party want to rule a country with diverse ethnic groups.

It’s this same tribalism that made Sowore to allow his friends to nullify his party’s national convention just as IBB nullified June 12. He went back to his vomit. Thereby losing all political moral ground to stand and lead as an authentic pro-June 12, pro-democracy leader.

I would advise Sowore to let the man be and let the members decide who leads them when a special convention is conducted to effect change in leadership of the party.

Sowore is a good man but he’d made himself the puppet of these TIB cabals claiming ownership of the party.

For the good of the country, Sowore should not allow himself to be used by these social climbers within TIB.

I envision that AAC members who have become social media IDPs would come with their noise beneath my post.

I honestly do not care about this either!

A man who can’t be corrected and who is becoming very tribalistic can’t lead a country like Nigeria. Nigeria is not an extension of  anybody’s 5 star hotel room.

Sad that Sowore has joined the old brigade and has lost it. And Dr Malcom Fabiyi and his ilk brought him down on this. 

Let’s hope for 2023 as Sowore and his cabal would have expired then.

Miss Angela Uyi can be reached at angelaeuyi@gmail.com or 08082153046.

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