A Clarion Call to the Youths: Mai Mala Buni will not RULE; He will LEAD! by Suleiman Hassan Gimba Esq


Oh, I have for so long dreamt of times like this, when my people – the Yobe people – are united not just by common interest but by the desire for our collective progress. The candidacy of Honourable Mai Mala Buni means this is a great time to be a Yobean as his leadership style and vision are tailor-made for our dear state.

MMB is having an illustrious career, starting as the youngest Councillor in the history of Yobe State. He has deservedly risen through the ranks through hard work, selfless service to humanity, dedication and relentlessness. This is especially good news for our youths, we are going to choose a leader that will put us first, a leader that will lead by example and a leader with a lifestyle that will show us the best way to serve the community. This man will inspire and usher the state into a great new era, this man will not rule, he will lead, he will serve, he will take us to the Promised Land and we will do it as one, united and prosperous people! Oh, fellow youth I will reiterate that this is a great time to be a Yobe youth, this is a great time for us to take center stage and vote in the man with actual plans for us.

Despite his political achievements, MMB has an incredible human side and that is a rarity, especially in today’s world. He is humble, calm and intelligent, lives a simple life and cherishes his relationships with his old and new friends/associates.

Damaturu is one of the fastest growing capitals in Nigeria and the state is making stern progress in all areas. A Cargo Airport, Infrastructural Development in the health sector and an evolving educational and agricultural sector have been improved immensely by the APC government but we cannot rest on our oars; we must reach the #NextLevel of development and Honourable Mai Mala Buni is the most deserving person for the job.

Let us walk out this Saturday, for Yobe, with pride, let us contribute to a peaceful atmosphere at our Polling Units and let us have the future of the state at heart. We will make great choice and we will cast our votes to Honourable Mai Mala Buni, we shall give growth and developmental a landslide victory!

Gimba is the National Coordinator of Forward Yobe, Forward (FYF) and writes from Potiskim.


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