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World Famous Physicist Says He’s ‘Found Evidence That God Exists’


When world famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku claimed he has found evidence that God exists, his reasoning caused a stir in the scientific community.

When responding to a question about the meaning of life and God, Kaku surprised his interviewer when he revealed that most top physicists do believe in a God because of how the universe is designed. Ours is a universe of order, beauty, elegance and simplicity.

He explained the universe didn’t have to be this way — it could have been ugly and chaotic. In short, the order we see in the universe is evidence of a Creator.

I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence” the physicist said to Science World Report.

Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore. To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.”

Western Journal report: Kaku, one of the creators and developers of the revolutionary String Theory, came to his conclusions with what he calls “primitive semi-radius tachyons,” which are theoretical particles that have the ability to “unstick” matter or the vacuum space between particles, leaving everything in the universe free from any influence from the surrounding universe.

The physicist explained that God is like a mathematician, which is similar to what Albert Einstein believed.

This idea isn’t new for Kaku.

In an article for Big Think, he wrote that his String Theory was based on the idea that we are “reading the mind of God.

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    God has always been in existence, we can feel His signs & wonders

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