Lavita Rica, the new MMM in town


By Hassan Yelwa Kafaje

There has been an outcry by people that a team of con artists have come up with a purported “company” called Lavita Ricca Investment or Lavita Rica In’t Trust which is wholly a Ponzi scheme that claims to double investors’ money. The scam artists use, among the numerous accounts they use in defrauding people, an Access Bank account in the name of one Bello Vincent with account number 0778821496.

Some of the scammers have the following names, possibly fake: Rivva Bose, John Tnt Fatia and Emmanuel or Emanuel Oyenka, Edeki Electrician and Jude.

These are some of the phone numbers they use: 0816 8671344, 0701 123 1716, 0703 912 4551, 0701 959 7603, 0907 790 6872.

Emmanuel Oyenka



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