Insecurity: Governor Buni launches Operation 'Haba Maza', donates N720m Hilux to Police

From SA’ADATU MAINA, Damaturu

In his desire to see that security is enhanced in the state, the Yobe state governor, Honourable Mai Mala Buni and the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar Adamu yesterday launched a new security initiative, Code-named Operation Haba Maza, funded by the Yobe State Government.

The initiative, targeted at tackling emergent security challenges as the state transits to a post-insurgency era, saw the Governor Buni administration donating 30 new Toyota Hilux Vehicles procured by the state government at the cost of N720 million.

The Government also donated a large one-storey building complete with office and residential furniture as headquarters for the Haba Maza Squad.

“As we move to a post-insurgency era, we also face emergent and continuing security challenges, such as incidences of rape, kidnapping, homicide, and conflict between farmers and pastoralists. It is clear – we cannot make meaningful socio-economic progress while these security challenges persist. We have to confront them”, Governor Buni said at the occasion.

The governor added: “It is for this reason that we thought it was necessary to work together with the Nigerian Police to set up a rapid response squad that could deploy anywhere in the state to tackle these challenges and threats”. 

The governor said the operation has been named Haba Maza to fire up the officers and men of the police who would be deployed for the operation to allow no breathing space for criminals. 

“We know that the officers and men of the Nigerian Police and other security agencies are gallant men and women who are working so hard. Haba Maza is a mantra that charges them to surge forward and to go after criminals relentlessly. Haba Maza is saying that the gallant officers and men would not allow any breathing space for criminals anywhere in our state”, he said.

IGP Adamu thanked Governor Buni for the initiative, describing it as worthy of emulation by other governors.

“His Excellency the governor has given effect to the sacred provision of the constitution that says the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. The governor has also demonstrated his determination to prioritise security in Yobe State. By so doing, a worthy phase in security management has been set and it is my hope that the other state governors across the country in general and in the North-East geo-political zone in particular shall emulate this commendable initiative”, the IGP said.  

The IGP also added: “It must be noted that Yobe State present a unique security challenge being one of the states most affected by terror campaign in the North-East region. The state, therefore, requires a leader like His Excellency Governor Buni who has the clear vision and political will to draw from scarce budgetary resources in re-equipping and re-energizing the security architecture”.

The Inspector-General of Police assured the governor and people of the state that the vehicles will be deployed for the purpose for which they were procured.

Yobe state governor
The vehicles donated by the Yobe state governor to the police.

“I assure Your Excellency and the good people of Yobe State of our firm determination to continue to enforce appropriate strategies and strengthen partnerships with citizens, communities and strategic actors towards enhancing security in the state and across the North-East geopolitical zone. We are also placing appropriate set of actions directed at accelerated restoration of civil authority and integration of internally displaced persons and victims of terrorism.

“As we take delivery of the donated operational vehicles, I assure Your Excellency that they will be fully deployed to enhance security across Yobe State. I also assure that this gesture shall re-energise officers and men of the Yobe State Police Command and enhance their sense of commitment to duty”, he said.

The IGP also expressed the gratitude of the police for the operational centre provided for the Haba Maza Squad. “You could see that in most police commands where we have office accommodation, we do have a challenge with residential accommodation. In Yobe, the Haba Maza Squad not only have vehicles and office accommodation but also residential accommodation for them to be comfortable and give their maximum in fighting crime. This is commendable”, he said.

IGP Adamu added:  “We want to send a message to other state governors to emulate what the governor of Yobe State has done today. Accommodation is a challenge to security personnel, especially police officers. If there are interventions like this, I can assure you that we would always give our best in providing security for lives and property”.


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