The sad and brave story of late Alhaji Sanusi Dabai, killed by kidnappers


Alhaji Sanusi Dabai was abducted on 26 October, 2019 alongside three of his friends. He was at the farm to pay some farm workers.

The abductors approached them, asked for Alhaji Sanusi Dabai and after identifying him, singled him out with one of the other three, collected phones from the other two and sent them away taking Dabai and his friend Alhaji Kabiru with them. 

The abductors then called and demanded for N30 Million, after negotiations the amount was brought down to N10 Million, which could not be paid by the family due to financial constraint. 

Dabai’s family were only able to put together the sum of N2 Million and pleaded with the kidnappers to take it and free him. The abductors agreed and even demand that N100k recharge card should come along with the N2 Million ransom. 

The money and the recharge card were sent to the abductors but after collecting they claimed it was too small and that Dabai’s family should do more.

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Late Dabai was given the phone by the kidnappers to talk to his family and he bravely told his family not to pay any more money, instead, he instructed them to use the little remains of his farm produce to pay his business associates who he is owing. Dabai seek for forgiveness from his family and also forgive everyone. He prayed for his family before the call was dropped. 

After the conversation, Alhaji Dabai’s family contacted vigilantes who organised a search party who later discovered the corpses of both Alhaji Dabai and his friend Alh Kabiru Hours after that conversation the news of his death was sent to his family. 

During his life time Alhaji Dabai has always proven to be a brave man just as in the moment of his death.


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