Close to a million cases of divorces recorded in Kano


Kano State has recorded a total of eight hundred and fifty seven thousand, four hundred and forty three cases of divorced women that included those under-14 years, and hereby created palpable fears of further increase in the near future..

This figure, has confirmed the increase in the case of violation of rights of under-aged children who were been forced into early marriage. This has become a norm characterizing the child abuse in the state and other parts of the northern Nigeria.

This was made known in a recent statistics released by the Kano State Statistics Board whereby the figure was outlined with many other cases.

With a total population of 18 million, Kano State known as the commercial nerves of the northern part of the country also recorded three million, six hundred and seventy thousand cases of parent less under-aged wandering children.

This set of children are believed to have lost their parents due to crises, economic hardship and many other factors, which then turned them to begging across the streets, touts at various motor parks, street hawkers among other crimes. Causing insecurity to worsen.

Further stated in the statistics is the high rate of unemployment, the state record on jobless youths is three million, eight hundred thousand, while the state could only boast of fifty eight industries to cater for the whole population.

Similarly, in the religious sector, Kano State has a  total of six hundred and seventy four churches just as four hundred and thirty five thousand, three hundred and eighty nine mosques were built across the state.


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