Goodluck Jonathan advocates for electronic system of voting


Goodluck Jonathan, a former president of Nigeria, speaking in Port-Harcourt during a book presentation, has accused politicians of bringing up boys whom they use as political thugs during elections.

He said that the electronic system of voting should be adopted to curb electoral malpractices and their ills in governance.

The former president notes that wrong people will continue to occupy leadership positions in Nigeria until the voting system is sanitized.

Goodluck Jonathan, on Thursday, November 14, blamed bad politicians for undermining the Nigerian electoral process.

“While these politicians send their children abroad to school in the best universities, they hire a group of boys and begin to groom them for the purpose of undermining the electoral process.” he said.

The former president also raised concerns about events occurring ahead of the scheduled governorship elections in Kogi and Bayelsa State. “Looking at what is happening now, we will have off-season elections in Bayelsa and Kogi States.

“The signals coming from both states are quite disturbing; the use of thugs, the shootings, some people have been killed already, when we have not even started the voting process. This needn’t happen if we get to a point in this country where voter’s card matters,” he said.

Jonathan advocated for Nigeria to join the rest of the developed world in adopting the electronic voting system in the elections.


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